Wooden Dominoes - Thomas

For Children Aged 3+ Years

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This Jumbo Wooden Dominoes, game teaches children how to match pictures whilst having fun with Thomas and all his friends, including Percy and Toby! This quality wood game is durable and will provide hours of fun for the kids and adults too. Containing 32 double sided JUMBO sized domino pieces!


How fast can you get your dominoes down, matching and creating a long path or windy puzzled path!? This makes a perfect gift for kids who love Thomas the Tank Engine and love to play! For ages 3+ years.


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Thomas Wooden Dominoes

It’s always a gift and privilege to be part of a child’s life. It’s always such a wonder to watch them grow and learn so many things on their own and with your help as they grow. And when they have a birthday or a milestone in their life that deserves celebrating, it’s always wonderful to get presents for kids. The thing about children is that as young as they are, they will remember the gifts that they receive and the love that came with it and they will indeed be filled with joy. Because of this, we often spend hours trying to come up with perfect presents for kids.

What to Look for in Presents for Kids

What will definitely make this child thankful that I am around? This is a question that we will always find ourselves asking when we look for presents for kids. We consider whether it is a colour he or she would like or if it is something he or she would enjoy using or playing with. Sometimes we also look for things that can help these kids learn as they continue their journey of growing.

Because the attention span of a child isn’t that trained yet, it’s good to get them something that makes learning easier. A child learns easier through visual learning, so it’s good to get things that have colourful, clear pictures on them. Great ideas for this are puzzles!

Other children prefer things that can remind them of the favourite things that they experience around them. Some children like trains, and some like airplanes. By choosing these as presents for kids, you can also help them learn how these things work and what their purpose is.

A Peek at Everything But Flowers’ Thomas Wooden Dominoes

Thomas the Tank Engine has been a character that has been loved by kids ever since the parents of kids today were still kids as well. The iconic friendly train has been a design for so many toys that kids love to play with. Everything But Flowers offers Thomas Wooden Dominoes. This contains 32 double sided jumbo domino pieces that have fun, exciting pictures of not just Thomas, but also his friends!

This makes great presents for kids as it can also provide hours of fun for even adults who play this with their kids. With the Thomas Wooden Dominoes, you get to mix and match pictures that you think would look good together and create fun trails and paths of dominoes with Thomas and his friends.

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Thanks to Everything But Flowers, you can easily order Thomas Wooden Dominoes online on their website as presents for the kids in your life whom you hold dear along with so many other gift ideas that we have to offer.

Make your son, nephew, grandson, or godson feel special with this wonderful present and win yourself some quality time while you have fun playing with these toys together.