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Their Own Dinosaur Light Show

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Bed time will be nothing but fun thanks to the Stegosaurus Projector Egg. This fun gift for kids is the ultimate night light or bedroom light for children who love dinosaurs. Simply place a small amount of water in the provided tray and sit the egg inside to watch the projection appear.

Their very own Stegosaurus light show will appear on the roof for hours of gentle light in the bedroom. Measuring 6cm x 6cm x 7.6cm the Stegosaurus Projector Egg is the perfect size for the dresser or bedside table and is guaranteed to bring smiles to the faces of dinosaur fans across Australia from the kid’s gift experts at Everything But Flowers.

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The Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Presents for Boys!

Many boys have a healthy obsession with dinosaurs when they are little, so it is no surprise that we dedicated an entire page to the dinosaur-themed birthday presents for boys at Everything but Flowers! If you are looking for cool dinosaur stuff in our kids presents collection, be sure to read on and take advantage of the following gifts.

The Stegosaurus Projector Egg

The Stegosaurus Projector Egg is one of our favourite birthday presents for boys, because there are so many things to love about this item! The Stegosaurus Projector Egg from our birthday presents for boys collection can be used as a night light or a bedroom light, so it will be a great addition to a little boy’s bedroom.

To make the projection appear, the only thing parents should do is add a small amount of water in the provided tray. Then, add the egg from this gift set onto the provided tray and wait until the projection appears.

The projection made by the Stegosaurus Projector Egg can last for many hours and will be projected on the ceiling of the bedroom. It provides a gentle light, which makes it suitable for children who are afraid of the dark, but are a little too big to leave the bedroom light on. So, there are dozens of reasons why you should choose this Stegosaurus Projector Egg from our birthday presents for boys range.

The T-Rex Table Lamp

If you are not that fond of getting a projector instead of a table lamp, no need to worry! There are some table lamps with a dinosaur theme available in our kids presents collection. One of these table lamps from our kids presents collection is the T-Rex Table Lamp, a lifelike T-Rex which emits a subtle light from its belly!

The T-Rex Table Lamp is straightforward where operation is concerned. Simply plug the table lamp in and hit the switch to let the T-Rex Glow. Of course, there must be enough space on the nightstand to put the table lamp, so make sure that the measurements of 27.5 x 16.5 x 23.5 centimetres is suitable for the nightstand of your recipient.

Day of the Dinosaurs Hardcover Book

There are also some dinosaur-related books in our kids presents collection, which could be appreciated by a child with a love for dinosaurs. One of the dinosaur-related books inside our kids presents collection is Day of the Dinosaurs, which provides children with vital dinosaur information in an easy format.

Day of the Dinosaurs covers all the major dinosaur periods; this includes Triassic, early Jurassic, late Jurassic and the Cretaceous period. The book was written by author Steve Brusatte and includes some fun illustrations by Daniel Chester. In conclusion, an 80-page book dinosaur enthusiasts should have in their bookcase!

Dinosaurs Love Underpants Book and Toy

If you want to take a more fun approach to dinosaurs – for example, for a younger child – you could choose the Dinosaurs Love Underpants Book and Toy. The gift set might look quite hilarious at first glance, but it offers much more than some giggles!

The hilarious and nonsensical story included in this gift set was written by author Claire Freedman. The book counts 32 pages and is especially recommended for boys between 3 and 6 years old. So, if your young recipient likes dinosaurs, be sure to include this toy and book in your gift!

Dinoblock Board Book

Customers can already buy something dinosaur-themed for recipients who are only 1 year old, because they can choose the Dinoblock Board Book as a gift. The Dinoblock Board Book is especially written for children between the age of 1 to 4 and it delivers a wonderful story by Christopher Franceschelli.

Of course, this book has added value than a fun story alone. The Dinoblock Board Book contains many beautiful illustrations and tells an informational story; this means that it will fuel a child’s curiosity and interest in the world. So, this might be one of the best gifts you could gift to a child for a birthday or another special occasion.

Other Dinosaur-Themed Gifts at Everything but Flowers

Since dinosaur-themed toys and books are quite popular amongst children, you can expect to find many dinosaur-themed items in our kids catalogue. So, if you have not found the perfect present for your recipient yet, then be sure to head over to the kids catalogue to find more children’s presents with a dinosaur theme.

Do you need some help picking out a dinosaur gift? Or do you have a question about any of the dinosaur presents we offer on our website?  Feel free to contact our customer support team. Customers can reach Everything but Flowers via telephone, but you can also leave us a message via live chat or email.