My Mega Monsterpedia Hardcover Book

Learn to Scare Away Any and Every Monster!

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Everyone is afraid of something, whether it’s the nasty old Kalamateeth monster that causes toothaches or the mean Drainbane monster that tries to pull children into the sewer. My Mega Monsterpedia helps children face their fears through humour, familiarity, and fun illustrations. Each page features a scary monster with a description, common habits, where they can be found, and how to use their weaknesses to defeat them.

Written by author Catherine Leblanc. Illustrated by Roland Garrigue. Hardback Dimensions 17.8 x 22.9cm. 80 pages.

My Mega Monsterpedia is a great gift for boys ages 3-6 years old. They’ll have a blast reading through this book and learning how to face their fears. And you can defeat the time-gobbling monster by using our deluxe gift-wrapping service. Pick out a bow from your Everything But Flowers cart and we’ll take care of the rest!

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Scaring away the bad guys is easy with My Mega Monsterpedia Hardcover Book!

Those pesky creatures that lurk and creep around the house in the day or night will be long gone with the My Mega Monsterpedia Hardcover Book. This gem of a kid’s book is the go-to for the little fellas who worry their little heads about monsters in the cupboard or anywhere in the house really! The ‘Monsterpedia’ is cleverly written by author Catherine Leblanc and ghoulishly illustrated by the talented Roland Garrigue. The My Mega Monsterpedia Hardcover Book is the perfect Boy’s Gift for the little man who can’t bear to have the lights off at night and some comfort nearby. The My Mega Monsterpedia Hardcover Book will keep him feeling safe, eased from anxiety and having great belly laughs from the awesome pictures and storytelling.

My Mega Monsterpedia Hardcover Book helps them face their fears!

The My Mega Monsterpedia Hardcover Book is not only a wonderful guide to all those awful monsters that scurry and scuttle through the house, but an easy to read and follow ‘Monsterpedia’ to assist in reducing his night time anxieties and place a calm over him for bed time. The hardcover book is an easy to handle and read gift for boy’s, that will be a saviour for the little fella for years to come. The My Mega Monsterpedia Hardcover Book features characters’ like – ‘Aysnortuptoys’, who snorts up all of his toys lying on the floor! The book also features – ‘Ball – o – Spit’, ‘Botherinbobby’ the bothering monster that walks all over his desk when he is trying to draw and do his work! We can’t forget the other colourful ghouls like – ‘Danitemare’, ‘Drainbane’ and ‘Fynderzkeeperz’ plus many more.

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My Mega Monsterpedia Hardcover Book is the perfect boy’s gifts that he can read and share with his little mates so they can collectively rid anymore of those annoying creepy monsters around the house. The boy’s will laugh and lose their fears of the unknown nasties that lurk beneath the toilet seat and behind the broom cupboard. The illustrations and text makes the ‘Monsterpedia’ a tool to teach the little fellas that monsters aren’t real and will also keep them laughing away with the character’s journey of light-hearted spookiness! When you shop new books, Everything But Flowers makes it an easy selection, we cover many genres and styles of books for all ages of kids, and we must confess that My Mega Monsterpedia Hardcover Book is one of our favourite and bestsellers. The My Mega Monsterpedia Hardcover Book is a handy boy’s gift for any occasion – Birthdays, Christmas or milestones in being a young man braving the big bad monsters in the house!

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