You Must Bring a Hat Paperback Book

Get ready for the “hattiest party of all time”!

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To attend the “hattiest party of all time” one must obviously bring a hat. But one young man doesn’t have a hat and the hat store is all sold out! In You Must Bring a Hat, one boy searches high and low for a hat, but when he finds one, it’s being worn by a monkey! This hilarious and offbeat book is simply adorable. It’s written by author Simon Philip and illustrator Kate Hindley.Paperback Dimensions: 26 x 26cm. 32 pages.

You Must Bring a Hat is best read while wearing a hat, though it’s delightful even without one! Young kids and boys will want to read this book over and over again. We recommend customising your gift by using our gift-wrapping service, which is available during checkout.

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Which Book Could You Recommend from the Birthday Presents for Kids Catalogue?

There are several books in our birthday presents for kids collection that could be suitable, but one of our personal favourites is the You Must Bring a Hat hardcover book. You Must Bring a Hat is a crazy story, but also a memorable quest many young children will enjoy.

You Must Bring a Hat is a bestseller written by children’s author Simon Phillip, while the illustrations are provided by Kate Hindley. The book contains a total of 32 pages and tells the story of a little boy who is searching for a hat. Unfortunately, the hat store is closed and he needs a hat to attend the party. I wonder how this story ends? Find out by buying this excellent children’s book for your recipient!

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The Tiger Tribe Pedro Pirate Rag Doll is a handcrafted doll made from the highest quality fabrics. Of course, the fabrics used for this doll are eco-friendly, which makes this doll even better!

Pedro the Pirate Rag Doll measures a total of 38 centimetres in height; this makes the doll more than suitable for young boys. The doll does not contain any small parts either, which is one of the reasons why we also recommend this rag doll for younger children.

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There is one more benefit we should mention about the Lemur Organic Cotton Backpack, more specifically the fact that this backpack is easy to maintain. To keep this backpack in mint condition, the manufacturer recommends turning it inside out and putting it on a 30 degrees Celsius washing cycle.

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If you are unsure your young recipient has any colouring pencils to colour in the OMY Cosmetic Colouring Poster, we recommend getting some of our ergonomic colouring pencils. At Everything but Flowers, customers can find several colouring pencil sets for children, but also some paints. So, there is plenty to choose from.

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Customers who want to buy a decoration for a young boy’s bedroom could consider the Stegosaurus Projector Egg, which is certainly a good choice for little boys who like dinosaurs. The Stegosaurus Projector Egg measures 6 x 6 x 7.6 centimetres and projects an image of a dinosaur when turned on. Therefore, this is the perfect addition for a bedside table or a dresser.

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