Wild Science! Zombie Blood & Guts FX Lab

An all-inclusive kit for budding mad scientists!

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From Wild Science – the makers of DIY kits for budding young scientists – comes the Blood n’ Guts Zombie FX Lab. This kit is choc-full of scientific ingredients and equipment, along with detailed instructions, to arm little mad scientists with everything they need to make a huge range of grotesque zombie-themed creations!

The kit features reusable lab goggles, gloves, beakers, droppers, stirrers, measurers, colourings and a number of safe chemical ingredients, so that kids can make hilariously-gross snot, far putty, blood clots, gizzards, and even real-looking levitating eyeballs! It also comes with explanations, so that they can learn all about the science behind the special effects.

Suitable for ages eight years and over.

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