T-Rex Wall Lamp

A cool wall-hang by day, glowing beast by night

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Imaginative children of all ages, as well as budding palaeontologists, will absolutely love this stunning tyrannosaurus rex hanging wall lamp! The incredibly detailed model realistically depicts the most popular dinosaur species of all time, with intricate skin texture and bone structure, piercing eyes, and of course those big sharp teeth.

This product functions as both a fabulous piece of hanging wall art during the day, and a vibrant night light when the sun goes down. When you flick the switch, a warm yellow light radiates out from the dinosaur’s chin, further highlighting the details within its gaping mouth!

Dimensions: 225x120x244 mm. LED globe not replaceable.

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Uncover the Recommended Birthday Presents for Boys at Everything but Flowers!

Children can be difficult to buy for, since they are notoriously honest about liking a gift or not. Therefore, we all want to do our best and gift them the best present possible. Fortunately, you have that option when you choose Everything but Flowers, because we have an amazing range of birthday presents for boys at your disposal! Read on to discover our recommended birthday presents for boys below!

T-Rex Wall Lamp

Our first recommendation from our collection of birthday presents for boys is the T-Rex Wall Lamp. Everyone knows that most boys have a fascination with dinosaurs, especially when they reach the age of seven. Therefore, the T-Rex Wall Lamp from our birthday presents for boys collection could be an excellent choice.

The T-Rex Wall Lamp from our kids presents range certainly speaks to the imagination. It features an intricate skin texture, bone structure and even has those piercing eyes we all imagine dinosaurs to have had. Because of this design, it makes quite a nice addition to a boy’s bedroom during the day, but also provides some much-needed light in the evening!

Wild Science Weird Slime Lab

Anything that is gross and quite unnerving is usually lots of fun for boys, but maybe not as much for the parents. Fortunately, you can count on something in our kids presents collection that keeps all of this contained – the Wild Science Weird Slime Lab.

With the Wild Science Weird Slime Lab from our kids presents collection, your child recipient can make tadpole soup, blood clots and weird coloured gels! They can even try their hand at exploding leeches, but all in the name of science! It is a wonderful gift that will not only be fun for the child in question, it will also give them an interest in science!

Kids Made Modern Artist Acrylic Paints

Boys who like to paint or draw might appreciate something a little more artistic from our collection of kids presents; this is one of the reasons why we can recommend the Kids Made Modern Artist Acrylic Paints! This set from our kids presents collection offers a series of quality paints, intended to enhance the artwork of any child. One thing is certain, this set guarantees many hours of fun.

Sparkle Sketch Pencils

To fuel a child’s creativity, you could also choose some colouring pencils from Everything but Flowers. The Sparkle Sketch Pencils are a good choice, because these are fun glitter pencils that come in a rainbow of colours.

The Sparkle Sketch Pencils are suitable for children aged 5 and older. They can be used for basic drawings, but could also be used for a colouring poster or book. We can guarantee that children will love using these!

The T-Rex Table Lamp

There are more dinosaur-related gifts available for boys at Everything but Flowers; this includes the T-Rex Table Lamp. The table lamp measures a good 27.5 x 16.5 x 23.5 centimetres and emits light from its belly when the switch is flipped. This could be another great addition to a boy’s bedroom!

The Nanoblock Squirrel

Children who need a bit more of a challenge where toys are concerned can count on the Nanoblock collection available at Everything but Flowers. One of the Nanoblock Toys we currently have available is the Nanoblock Squirrel, suitable for boys aged 8 and up. Even though we have more intricate Nanoblock sets, this squirrel should always be the one to start with.

Nanoblocks only measure 4 x 4 millimetres, so children and adults can use them for the most amazing creative creations! Of course, starting off with Nanoblocks can feel a little daunting, so this set comes with colour instructions that enables a child to complete the puzzle all on his own!

If you want more than one Nanoblock toy, we certainly recommend having a look at the rest of our available Nanoblock sets. Our collection also includes a Nanoblock T-Rex, which could be an excellent option for a little boy obsessed with dinosaurs! Still, be sure to check the difficulty level before checking out the Nanoblock set, because some Nanoblock designs are more difficult to put together than others!

More Birthday Presents for Boys at Everything but Flowers

Need more options – or could not find what you needed? No need to worry just yet, because Everything but Flowers has an extensive selection of kids presents. Our range is tailored for a variety of recipients and their personal preferences. So, whether you need a gift for a creative child, an incredibly smart child or a child obsessed with dinosaurs, we’ll always have many options available to you.

Do you need some help from the Everything but Flowers team? Contact us today for some personal & free gift advice!