Blue Juggling Balls

Created by eeBoo from soft, embroidered velvet.

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What’s better than fun presents for kids? Why fun gifts for kids that teach them new skills is what’s fun. eeBoo are experts in creating kid’s toys and gifts that are beautiful yet simple, and this set of 3 juggling balls will keep the kids busy for hours.

These blue juggling balls are made from 2-tone soft blue velvet, with a non-slip texture. The bright and colourful embroidery makes these juggling balls even more delightful and even more appealing to kids.

Perfect for children aged 7+ the kids will be circus experts in no time thanks to the included instructional poster that will show them just how to get the most out of their new present. Eeboo know great kid’s toys thanks to business creator Mia Galison; mum of three; who loves creating and designing fun, colourful and simple gifts for adventurous kids.

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