DC Comics Build Your Own Batmobile

A 3D Puzzle Designed for Batman Enthusiasts

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Name one vehicle more iconic or more recognizable than the Batmobile. We’ll wait. This amazing DC Comics Build Your Own Batmobile is a fun and challenging 3D puzzle that any Batman fan would love. When complete, the durable card puzzle measures approximately 6.5 x 26 x 9.5cm. Oh, and it makes an awesome decoration when it’s finished!

Because this kit contains small puzzle pieces, it’s ideal for kids 6+ years old. The puzzle set comes with complete assembly instructions.

Who loves Batman more than anyone else in the world? That’s right, little boys! Trust us, this DC Comics Build Your Own Batmobile makes an exciting gift for boys 8-12 years old. We know they’ll love it.

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The Best Presents for Boys for Various Occasions! Check Them Out at Everything but Flowers!

Everything but Flowers offers a nice selection of birthday presents for kids, which includes some dedicated presents for boys. If you need a good kid’s gift for a special occasion, such as the birthday of a little boy, be sure to check out the following birthday presents for kids.

Which Birthday Presents for Kids Should I Get for a Boy’s Birthday?

There are countless birthday presents for kids that would be appreciated by a little boy. Of course, boys can have some unique hobbies of their own, so we provided some of our most diverse birthday presents for kids.

Our first suggestion for a little boy’s birthday is the DC Comics Build Your Own Batmobile. Which little boy would not want a Batmobile of his own? With the DC Comics Build Your Own Batmobile, your recipient can build a replica of the Batmobile. Of course, once it is completed, it can be displayed in the little boy’s bedroom.

For younger children, we recommend something that will keep them occupied at mealtimes, more specifically the Fantastic Colour Placemat by OMY. The Fantastic Colour Placemat by OMY contains 24 placemats, each with an illustration the recipient can colour.

To make sure a little boy’s birthday is extra special, customers can acquire one of the special birthday balloons available at Everything but Flowers. One of our special balloons that is quite suitable for a little boy’s birthday is the Blue Giant Confetti Balloon, which inflates to a size of 90 centimetres and contains blue confetti! In short, a balloon that will make a birthday party feel quite special. 

Our last suggestion for birthdays is the Sci-Play Make Your Own Bounce Ball. With this intricate kit, little boys can create their own unique bouncy balls. You can make it in a normal round shape, but also something a little more unique.

Which Christmas Presents for Kids Should I Get for a Boy?

From stocking fillers to big, memorable presents, you can find all these Christmas presents for boys at Everything but Flowers. To ensure you have many options to choose from, here are some of the favourites among Australian kids.

Our first suggestion is a fun stocking filler for the holiday season, the Star Map North Projector Dome. With the Star Map North Projector Dome, your recipient can project an entire starry sky onto the ceiling of his bedroom. The starry sky is extremely fun to look at, but also quite soothing right before bedtime. So, the Star Map North Projector Dome is a good choice for little boys who struggle getting to sleep.

For creative children, we suggest the Doodletop Design Kit. The Doodletop Design Kit contains two unique tops, which can be used to automatically create some intricate masterpieces on paper. Simply add the pen, spin the top, and let this toy do the rest.

The holiday season is also the perfect time to play a nice game with family and friends. If you want to make sure your young recipient feels included, you could choose one of our games that can be played by the whole family.

One game that is quite suitable for everyone during the holiday season is the Dinosaur Escape Cooperation Game. With the Dinosaur Escape Cooperation Game, your young recipient and the family will attempt to rescue dinosaurs from a volcano eruption! So, this game is bound to create a strong family bond over the holidays.

For little boys who are quite passionate about science, we can also suggest the Crazy Chemistry Mega Kit from Everything but Flowers. The Crazy Chemistry Mega Kit contains everything needed for chemical experiments, including beakers, goggles, pipettes, specimen tubes, a colour pack, moulding granules, and much more. Of course, it also contains a booklet and leaflet on safety, just to make sure no monster of Frankenstein is created.

Our last suggestion for Christmas is an elaborate Nanoblock set, the Nanoblock Titanic. The Nanoblock Titanic contains 1800 little blocks, which are used to create a stunning replica of the famous ship. Since the Nanoblock Titanic is quite the intricate gift set, the Nanoblock Titanic is only suitable for children who like a challenge like this. So, be sure the gift set is suitable for the little boy’s age range before you obtain it. Most customers should only consider this set for children aged 12 and over.

Where Can I Get More Christmas and Birthday Gift Ideas for Little Boys?

Everything but Flowers has many other birthday and Christmas presents for little boys. To get some additional gift ideas, please head over to our main catalogue and select the “kids” range to get more inspiration.

Do you have any questions about the birthday and Christmas presents for boys mentioned here today? Contact us today for more information.