Icy Pole Recipe Book

Hardback with over 50 recipes!

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In the heat of summer, there’s very little as satisfying and refreshing as a delicious, cold icy pole. And icy poles aren’t just for kids. They can be enjoyed by adults as well! But as an adult, you may want slightly more complex, “grown-up” flavours to help cool you down on a hot day.

50 Icy Poles: Sensations on a Stick is just the recipe book to get you out of your icy pole rut! With 50 delicious and interesting icy pole recipes, you’ll be wishing it was summer all year. Flavour combinations vary from classic to adventurous; you can enjoy Strawberries and Cream or, if you’re feeling up to it, Ruby Grapefruit and Campari. These aren’t your mother’s icy pole recipes. Written by Cesar and Nadia Roden, it was published in November 2014.

50 Icy Poles: Sensations on a Stick is a fantastic birthday, Christmas, or housewarming gift. Make sure to pair 50 Icy Poles with this Icy Pole Maker, Set of 4, since you wouldn’t want to get stuck without a way to freeze those icy pole recipes!

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