Around the World Kid's Recipe Book

Written by Sabrina Parrini

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The ultimate in kids recipe books, introduce your child to the world and to the kitchen with this easy-to-follow recipe book, Around the World with Little Kitchen. The recipes in this book are simple, flavourful, and offer interesting tidbits about each country represented. So you and your kid will soon be learning and cooking together!

Around the World with Little Kitchen is a paperback recipe book, measuring 25.6 x 1 x 21.3 cm and weighing 0.54 kg. It features 36 recipes from all over the world, including countries such as Italy, England, Morocco, Thailand, and Australia. The recipes are written specifically for 8- to 12-year-olds. Its written by Sabrina Parrini and was published September 2011.

This is a thoughtful birthday, Christmas, or anytime gift for the budding chef in your family. We recommend pairing Around the World with Cooking for Kids or, even better, the 4-piece Mini Breakfast Set! With this combination of gifts, youll soon be enjoying a variety of delicious treats, like Chai Tea Cupcakes and Japanese Udon Noodle Salad!

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How to have fun in the kitchen with kids

Encouraging your kids to join you in the kitchen for cooking time can reap rich rewards. You'll enjoy an activity together that creates positive bonding and trust. They'll learn skills that will benefit them in later life. You can persuade them to choose healthier foods as well as enjoy treats now and again.

You'll need plenty of patience, and there'll be more cleaning up needed, that's for sure! The reward comes when you see your child reach for a piece of fruit instead of processed snacks. You'll see that educating them about good food and how to create it makes a huge difference to meal times. Once they enjoy cooking, you can include kids gifts for them to use in the kitchen.

What kind of food to cook with your kids

Our Little Kitchen Around The World book is a wonderful cookery book for kids. It's filled with international recipes and introduces kids to different herbs, spices, and other ingredients from different cultures. This kids gift is hugely enjoyable, as the recipes have been created so children can make these dishes on their own. You can help at first, or guide them from start to finish if they're very young. It's a kids gift that creates a sense of self-empowerment for the youngsters.

Fun implements that encourage kids to cook

Check out our kitchen range, especially our Anna Gare kitchenware. If you have children interested in cooking, or want them to be, then give some of these accessories as kids gifts. They're brightly coloured with different patterns. The measuring spoons look fun and even the youngest kids can help you with some tasks.

Start off with simple baking

Even toddlers can help with baking cakes and other simple treats. It's fun for them to mix batter, or use measuring spoons to drop sugar and flour into a mixing bowl. They'll want to join in when they know there's a scrumptious reward at the end. Buy kids gifts that are associated with their favourite treats, like our Perfect Pikelet Set, and they'll feel more empowered in the kitchen.

You won't necessarily turn them into dedicated chefs, but buying kids gifts, like recipes books for children, or smoothie recipe books, will encourage them to create foods and drinks they love, because eating and drinking are two of life's great pleasures even for kids!