Big Book of Colours

Beautifully illustrate with over 130 different colours

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Take a journey through the world of colours with the Usborne Big Book of Colours. Give them a vivid introduction to colour with the colour wheel to see which colours match and accentuate tones and shades.

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The Usborne Big Book of Colours 

Are you the type of person who is not adept in selecting presents for kids? One of the usual presents for kids that parents would likely suggest to be given to their child are educational books. The early years of a child are quite crucial in the development of their skills. One of the concepts that a child must be able to master during this year is colour. If you want to help a child reach their maximum potential, why not give them presents for kids that will help them do so? For example, the Usborne Big Book of Colours brought to you by Everything But Flowers is a great material for them to start learning colours.

What is the Usborne Big Book of Colours?

The Usborne Big Book of Colours is one of the handy presents for kids used by parents and teachers when they teach the concept of colours to children. It is an interactive colour book that will surely capture the attention of a child. The first thing you will see when you turn the page is the colour wheel which discusses the types of colours. It then moves on to discussing depth, shade, and examples of objects that possess the colour being discussed. It then shows how secondary colours are produced from the combination of primary colours. You will be surprised at the depth at which the book is able to discuss each colour with so much ease. The presentation of the learning materials in the book make it a helpful tool for young readers.

Why Should Children Learn About Colours at an Early Age?

Many people would always wonder why majority of the learning programs for early childhood always dwell on colours and shapes. This is because colour and shape are two of the most perceptible attributes of the world we live in. Every time you look out of your house, your focus will immediately zoom into the shape and colour of the things that you see.
Children observe and classify the things that they see according to their shape and colour. This helps them delineate and organise the things they see around them. You may have heard the feeling of accomplishment in a child’s voice every time he is able to name the colours of the things he sees in a store, or the feeling of joy when he realises that a lemon and a banana have different shades of yellow. Every time you sort out the laundry, the kid may effortlessly start organising the clothes into groups of different colours while saying, “Look Ma, I fixed our laundry!” These are just some examples as to how colours help kids make sense of the world they live in.
Learning to distinguish colours may seem to be a simple process, but this serves as a cornerstone for being able to perform other skills needed for learning such as reading, writing and math. For instance, when a kid masters the act of identifying differences and likeness between shapes and colours, he is already utilising the same set of skills that he will need in order to distinguish various letters and numbers. Being able to recognise colours and shapes also helps the child to be able to construct graphs or look for a book in the library.
Of course, a whole bunch of other concepts are involved, aside from a child learning to distinguish colours. While it is essential for children to have an idea of the names of different colours, it is also important for them to know what to do with this knowledge. You can invite the child to also learn about shades, tints, and hues. You can help him become creative by coming up with different names to help them remember each colour such as peach yellow or lime green. By doing this you will be able to utilise colour to practice creative thinking and language. Encourage him to make use of descriptive language as he conveys to you how a shade of yellow is unique from another. A parent who has tried this proudly shared that their 4-year old exclaimed, "That brown colour is dark like the mountain and this one is light like wood!" 
Presents for kids like the Usborne Big Book of Colours help your child achieve this by filling the pages of the book with beautiful learning materials dealing with different variations of a particular colour. Different coloured objects are also included to help a child in building his vocabulary. Parents who have used the Usborne Big Book of Colours really like the moods and feelings portion which helps incite a conversation about the feelings of a child while using art and colours to express his emotions.

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