Hardcover Book: Australian Kids Throughout The Years

Hardcover, by Tania McCartney and Andrew Joyner

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Thousands of years ago, people began migrating to the continent that would someday become Australia. The first people to arrive were the Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders. They settled the land and lived untouched for centuries. The Europeans then arrived in the 1700s, drastically changing the continent’s cultural identity. Like many countries and continents, it’s now filled with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

Children’s author Tania McCartney and illustrator Andrew Joyner have teamed up to show today’s children how Australian children of yesterday used to live in. Australian Kids through the Years features full-page illustrations that show how Aboriginal children played, how colonial children wore their hair, and what Australian children ate in the 1950s.

So if you want to teach your children more about Australia’s history, this delightful book makes a great kids gift. It also makes a wonderful Christmas, birthday, or back-to-school present for kids that have an interest in history.

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Beautiful Australian Gifts for Kids

Your children will discover more about Australia’s history in this fun and engaging book by Tania McCartney and Andrew Joyner. With beautiful, double-page illustrations, your kids will follow a young girl and boy as they journey through Australia’s history. Focusing on the lives of children, this wonderful kid’s book shows Australia’s rich diversity. If your children have ever been curious about the types of games Australian children played in the past, how they dressed, what they ate and how they lived, then this is the perfect Australian kid’s book for them.

Kids love to read books they can relate to. If you are looking for a picture book that suits young children while also teaching school aged kids about Australian history, then this is the book for you. Australian Kids Through The Years is a wonderful Australian gift that teach about diversity and our rich heritage.

Tips to install a love of reading with Books for Kids

A love of reading and a love of books is one of the best gifts a parent can give their child. There are three simple things you can do to make sure your child grows up to love books.

Surround your child with quality children’s books.

When kids are free to choose their own reading books from a rich library of inspirational and beautiful books for kids, they learn for themselves that reading is fun. Beautiful stories that your children can relate to make the best gifts for kids. Every child loves stories. Books for kids that encourage curiosity and make learning fun are absolutely the best gift for any child. Giving your kids books that capture their imagination will allow them to explore their own place in the world. Australian gifts and Australian books that bring our rich and diverse history to life are a great gift for Aussie kids.

Choose Kids’ books with beautiful illustrations

From the minute they open the book, your kids should be captivated. Books like Australian Kids Through The Years that combine dynamic illustrations with fascinating storytelling will keep them interested. Picture books and stories that can be explored through the illustrations encourage younger children to enjoy reading books right from the start.

Read Kids’ Books to your child

Sharing stories with your child is the secret to showing them the magic of books. Reading aloud and exploring the pictures together is such a gift for kids of all ages. Books for kids, and reading with your child, allows you to spend time together, and it’s something your child will always remember. You can use the pictures in Australian Kids Through The Years to share stories of your own childhood, and the childhood of your parents. It’s the perfect Australian book to introduce your child to Australian history and to a love of reading.