There’s Going to be a Baby Book

A Beautiful Book For Soon To Be Siblings

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As mummy’s tummy gets bigger and the birth of a little brother or sister is becoming imminent, your firstborn will inevitably start asking more and more questions about what’s about to happen. There’s Going to Be a Baby is Helen Oxenbury and John Burningham’s warm and caring take on the arrival of a new sibling from a curious little boy’s perspective, providing a heart-warming insight into his thoughts about becoming a big brother. As he discusses the new arrival with his mother, he comes up with all kinds of ideas on what the baby might do in the future; he imagines it as a chef, a zookeeper, an artist and many more. This picture book combines a story full of warmth and promise with wonderful illustrations and a solid dose of innocent humour to reassure your child about what’s to come. Give the newest member of your family a warm welcome with one of our wonderful Newborn Gifts, delivered to your doorstep Australia-wide with free delivery on orders $99 and above!

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What makes this baby book a great gift for young kids?

Young children will always have an endless amount of questions, especially when they begin to notice the bump in mum’s tummy as the newest addition to the family continues to develop.  They will be extremely curious and excited about their new baby sister or brother and this book is a fantastic gift that will put new siblings-to-be in the right mindset and provide the reassurance that they need.

This baby book is filled with lovely illustrations and uses language that young minds can easily understand.  It is all done in a distinctive retro art style with a matching colour palette that is light and airy.  It’s great material for bedtime reading that both parents and kids can enjoy and bond over.  Kids can also read it on their own like a comic book for young children or a more modern and realistic fairy tale.

‘There’s Going to be a Baby’ is illustrated by illustrator Helen Oxenbury and written by her husband John Burmingham, both of whom are award winning children’s book illustrators and authors in their own right.  The pair have been making classic children’s books for over six decades.  This book is their first collaboration together and is bound to be a future classic.  We offer the hardcover edition which is an excellent addition to any child’s personal library and can easily become a treasured keepsake as he or she grows up with his new sibling.

Which special occasions would this new baby book be appropriate as a gift?

‘There’s Going to Be a Baby” is an ideal baby shower gift that both parents and their young children will appreciate.  It is also a great gift for mothers if you simply want to congratulate her and her family or send your best wishes on the news of their new baby.  It’s a great gift idea that the whole family can enjoy.

This baby book is a great birthday present for young boys and girls who are expecting a new sibling.  It’s also a good gift for your god son or god daughter to help them better understand and adjust to the exciting new changes that are about to happen.

What other great children’s books can I give as a gift?

Here at Everything But Flowers we’ve got a great selection of children’s books that are guaranteed to delight their young minds and fuel their imagination.

‘I Just Couldn’t Wait to Meet You’ written by Kate Ritchie is a heart warming book that new mothers to read and share with their sweet bundles of joy as they grow into little toddlers and begin to learn about the world around them.

‘Three Little Duckies’ is a unique book for babies and young toddlers that makes bath time more fun and interesting.  It is a waterproof book that kids can read during bath time and learn about numbers.  It also comes with three little rubber duckies that he or she can play with and easily associate with the baby duckies illustrated in the book.

‘Baby Farm Animals’ is a classic children’s book that features charming illustrations of baby bunnies, donkeys, kittens, puppies and horses that toddlers and young kids will absolutely love. 

‘Where is the Green Sheep’ is another great book for babies and toddlers. It contains playful rhymes that teach young kids about colours, animals and counting.

For children who are a bit older and those that love comic book superheroes, we have books that focus on the Marvel comic book universe.  ‘Obsessed with Marvel’ contains thousands of questions and loads of interesting facts that will make every Marvel and comic book fanatic glued to every page. 

Star Wars fans will also get a kick out of ‘Good Night Darth Vader’, a humorous children’s book that tells the story of Darth Vader dealing with Luke and Leia when they were still young kids.

We also have books that will quench an older child’s thirst for knowledge. ‘Destination: Space’ is geared towards children and teaches them about man’s journeys into space, as well as introduces them to our solar system and the different galaxies in the universe.  If you’re looking for topics a little closer to home, ‘We Travel So Far’ tells the story of how different animals and creatures migrate and travel across continents as the seasons change.

What are the best gifts for baby showers?

If you need a great gift to bring for a baby shower, Everything But Flowers has you covered.  We have traditional baby shower gifts like silver baby spoons and baby clothes.  We also have a huge selection of gift hampers filled an assortment of baby toys, clothes, blankets, soaps and shampoos.  Some of our baby hampers even include a bottle of champagne so that the adults can also celebrate in style.