The Monster Guitar

Monstery Musical Fun for Ages 3+

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Music is universal. Every culture has its own music, its own sound, and its own favourite instruments. One of the most ubiquitous instruments in the world is the simple, but beautiful guitar. Though it can produce quite a complex sound, it’s actually an easy instrument to learn. This makes it a great first instrument for young kids. And now, with Scratch Europe’s Monster Guitar, you can share your love of music with your children and help them begin their musical career.

If you’re looking for creative or musical gifts for boys, look no further than the wonderfully-built Monster Guitar. This adorably painted acoustic guitar is sized to fit young children, making it a great beginner instrument. It’s recommended for kids aged 3+ years.

For small children, we recommend giving the Monster Guitar as a Christmas or birthday surprise! Just imagine the look on their face when they begin strumming. Soon enough, they’ll be playing songs and mastering their instrument. To find other great gifts for boys, browse Gifts Australia today.

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The Top 4 Best Gifts For Boys:

Buying gifts for boys is generally pretty easy. However, buying innovative new gifts for boys which they will appreciate and which they will use a lot is not quite so easy. Boys are generally easily amused, but quick to get bored with something. This means that the biggest challenge when looking for gifts for boys is finding something which they will be able to enjoy for a long time, something which they will not use for a couple of hours and get bored of.

With this in mind we have developed a list of our top five best gifts for boys. We have thought about the entertainment factor that each gift offers, the amount of time that the person you give it to is likely to use it for, and the versatility of the gift (and its ability to be used by a wide range of different people). Our top four best gifts for boys include:

1. A new guitar:

Music is one of the few things which unites cultures and religions across the world. Learning to play a musical instrument is something which can prove invaluable later in life, and something which, unfortunately, many modern children don’t get the chance to do.

Get your child learning how to play the guitar by buying them a kids sized instrument. One of our favourites is the Monster Guitar - a miniature guitar which is designed for young children. It should help them get started on the road to musical stardom. Who knows, it may even help the world’s next pop star discover himself!

2. A new video game:

Although this may seem a little bit boring or pointless to all you old adults (or perhaps not!), young boys in the modern world generally love gaming. A new video game should be extremely will received, especially if you manage to get your hands on something which they have wanted for a long time. Video games are undoubtedly among the best gifts for boys.

3. A new push-bike:

Get your boy active with a new push-bike which they can use to get around. It doesn’t matter what age they are: it is never too late to begin cycling! Make sure that you get something which is the right size for them, which won’t break when they are rough with it (as boys undoubtedly will be), and which they can ride. If they haven’t ridden a bike before then consider including training wheels.

4. A bit of sporting gear:

Although video games and electronic devices have become extremely popular over the past few decades, many boys still enjoy getting outside and playing sport. For this reason, a new piece of sporting equipment can make a great gift. Make sure that you buy something which is related to a sport which they enjoy playing and which they will actually use. A new soccer ball, a footy, or even a basketball are usually pretty safe options.

Although these are all great choices when it comes to buying the best gifts for boys, it is extremely important to think about who you are buying for and to personalise your gift. Good luck and have fun shopping!