The Love Birds Guitar

Perfectly Sized for Musical Children 3yrs +

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Children who grow up in musically-rich environments have been shown to have a higher IQ. Music education has also been shown to improve language development in small children, increasing their natural ability to communicate. This also affects a child’s social development, making them more socially competent later in life.

There are many more benefits of music education, including boosting brain power, memory, and focus. To share these benefits and more with your daughter, give her The Love Birds Guitar by Scratch Europe this Christmas or for her birthday! The guitar measures 64 x 22 x 6.5cm, so it’s just the right size for children aged 3+ years. And with a sweet design, this pink Love Birds guitar will make your kid light up with joy!

This guitar is just one of the many great gifts for girls available at Everything But Flowers. We have all the Christmas, birthday, and back-to-school presents you could ever need.

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The Love Birds Guitar

As parents, we always want what is best for our children. We want them to grow into fine men and women who are accomplished in their chosen career. Whether or not our dreams for them will become a reality is dependent on how we prepare them during their growing years. As much as possible we want them to be well-developed in all aspects: physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally.

A lot of studies indicate that music has been beneficial in the development of a child. Indeed, children from all stages are able to express themselves with the use of music. When infants hear music, they are able to respond by swaying, moving their hands, or bouncing. On the other hand, pre-schoolers can make up songs and subconsciously sing a tune to themselves while they play.

If you have a little girl who will be celebrating her birthday in a few days, you might want to consider giving her presents for kids that will increase her interest in music so that she can also reap the benefits of being engaged to music as well. Why don’t you give her the Love Birds Guitar, one of the wonderful presents for kids you can get at Everything But Flowers.

What is the Love Birds Guitar?

The Love Birds Guitar is an adorable musical instrument that is meant to ignite your daughter’s passion for music. This was manufactured by Scratch Europe, a Belgian brand that was established by a team of eager young parents and toy experts. Their company focuses on introducing innovation to toys that aims to stimulate a child’s development.

The Love Birds Guitar was designed for girls aged 3 years old and above. The guitar is 64 cm in length with a soundbox that has been reduced in depth. It is guaranteed to be specially designed for children in terms of ergonomics. The strings and tuning components used are the same with that you will normally find in an actual guitar. It contains six metal strings that can be tuned in order to produce beautiful music. Its colour and design is meant to entice young girls to become rockers but still maintain their femininity at the same time.

What is the Benefit to a Child of Being Musically Inclined?

Music stimulates all aspects of child development namely: intellectual, emotional, social, motor skills, overall literacy, and communication skills. It assists in making the body and brain function together. Immersing the children to music at the early stages of development will help them study the sounds and meaning of the lyrics. Grooving with the music will help the child improve his motor skills while opening a venue for them to express themselves.

Research shows that a person who was immersed in music back when they were still young possesses a higher IQ as compared to regular kids. Studying music has been proven to increase language development among children which also improves their ability to communicate to other people. In terms of social skills, musically inclined children find it easier to interact with other people. 

The extent of the benefits in being engaged in music can provide depends on the age of the person. For pre-schoolers and toddlers, playing and listening to music serves as training ground for social learning. When they make music together with their peers, children will come to realise the value of working as a team especially when they contribute in order to make a beautiful musical piece. In addition, children will also realise that when they work together, the end result may end up being bigger than the sum of the components. For adults, being engaged in music actually helps improve the person’s memory.

Are the Presents for Kids Made by Scratch Europe Considered Reliable?

Scratch Europe has formed a partnership with manufacturers located in Europe and Asia in order to ensure that the toys being released in the market are of the highest quality. Their partners have undergone a strict selection and monitoring process to check if they comply with the highest quality and safety standards that are being implemented in the country.

Each toy is checked and tested for several times. Every step of the production process is being checked and monitored to make sure that no harm occurs to the child who will use it. Each toy is guaranteed to be made from materials that are non-toxic. It can also be easily cleaned and maintained in order to increase the longevity of the toy.

Buy Presents for Kids to Help in their Development at Everything But Flowers

Parents and guardians may not realise it yet, but they play a crucial role in the development of their child from the time they are born until they become full-fledged adults. They need to ensure that the tools needed to facilitate learning should be available. As much as possible the presents for kids that we should get not only provide fun but lots of learning as well.

Presents for kids like the Love Birds Guitar will ensure that their brain is stimulated by the lovely music created which will open a gateway of new skills needed for the child’s development. Aside from this great item, Everything But Flowers has in store for you other choices for presents for kids that you can choose from. Our customers cannot stop raving about how shopping in our stories the best experience they have for years. You can just simply shop online to view the list of great presents for kids that we have to offer for you.

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