TLC Childrens Storybook

The perfect story time book with a bit of mess.

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A sweet story of a delightful disaster. All Mum wants is a bit of T.L.C. but she ends up with a whole lot more than that! Like a Tropical Ladybug Collection or a Tie-dyed Lama Cartwheeling!

Kids love a fun bedtime story and you can never get enough of them. This book about a Mother and her child is sure to be a favourite. Written by M.H. Clark and playfully illustrated by Shahab Shamshirsaz. It has a hardcover with jacket for extra durability.

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There is no better gift than a good story at bedtime, at least not for the many Australian babies and toddlers. If you are looking to gift a good storybook for babies and toddlers, we recommend one of the many books available in our christening presents and baby presents catalogue. Curious what our top picks are from the baby presents and christening presents collection? Find out more below!

Why Should I Choose TLC Children’s Storybook from the Baby Presents and Christening Presents Catalogue?

TLC is a book about a mum who wants some TLC, but gets a lot more than she bargained for; this includes a Tropical Ladybug Collection and a Tie-dyed Lama Cartwheeling. So, this book from the baby presents and christening presents collection will certainly speak to the imagination.

Our TLC storybook is written by well-known author M.H. Clark. The book also contains some wonderful illustrations created by Shabab Shamshirsaz, which certainly adds a lot more creativity to the book. TLC from the baby presents and christening presents collection speaks to the imagination of children, whether they are toddlers, babies, or kids!

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The Baby Gourmet Gift Set also contains a set of glass storage wear, which can be used by the parents to store some of those nutritionally-balanced meals. Using glass instead of plastic has some amazing benefits though, because glass is not as susceptible to bacteria as most plastic materials!

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Where Can I Find More Special Books for Parents and Babies at Everything but Flowers?

At Everything but Flowers, you can find countless books suitable for new parents, babies, toddlers, and even kids. To view our range for new parents, babies, and toddlers, please head over to the ‘baby’ catalogue. For more kid’s books, please head over to the ‘kids’ range.

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