Teddy Time Hippo

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Give your little one someone special to snuggle with at night. The Cuddly Soft Hippo is made with a super soft material that is perfect for bedtime. This night-time companion will effortlessly lull your baby to sleep with its soothing, plush exterior. Both cuddly and loveable, this adorable toy is a treasure every child will love.

Who doesn't love hippos and who doesn't love snuggles and cuddles at bed time, or any time during the day. This sweet hippo is the perfect gift for toddlers, gift for kids, or perhaps even a cute gift for animal lovers. We've got a wide range of gifts in stock and ready to send to the ones you love here at Everything But Flowers, Australia's premium gift store.

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Teddy Time Hippo

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Teddy Time Hippo Presents for Kids
This is one of those gifts that can definitely bring delight to any child. It’s great to look at with its inviting smile and small pink inside ears. It has large feet and nostrils about the size of its eyes.
Teddy Time Hippo is made with super soft material that makes it a perfect companion for your little one at night. It could be the bedtime friend that will effortlessly lull your child to sleep. It’s very soft so even a baby can easily hug this cute little hippo. Made with soothing and plush exterior, this toy by Teddy Time is very cuddly and lovable making it the toy that your child would want to snuggle with at night.
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