Owl Glow In The Dark Poster

An Adorable Poster with a Little Secret

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This owl has a bit of a secret. When the sun is up, it really enjoys sleeping. But when the sun goes down, the glowing stars come out and this charming owl wakes right up. The Owl Glow In The Dark Poster is unbelievably charming and cute. It’s the perfect addition to any kid’s bedroom. And not only is this poster super adorable, it’s a great way to help children sleep without a light or a nightlight. In fact, kids will actually look forward to turning out their lamp at bedtime.

The glow in the dark poster is 39.9 x 30cm. To make sure the poster glows, be sure to place it next to a window or a light source.

Great kid’s gifts are often hard to find, but not if you’re shopping at Everything But Flowers. This Owl Glow In The Dark Poster, for example, is a guaranteed hit!

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