Milla Mermaid

She's An Adventurer Looking For Her New Home

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She’s a true adventurer and Milla Mermaid needs a new friend who can come and ride seahorses and help her explore the world around her. She loves to search for pearls in rock pools and who wouldn’t want to join her doing that!!!

Milla Mermaid is the creation of the clever team at Australian brand Nana Huchy, who create beautiful timeless gifts inspired by the simplicity of yesteryear. Milla Mermaid measures approximately 37cm in length, a perfect size to be carried around, cuddled and enjoyed at home or while out and about.

Milla Mermaid is a simple gift that’s sure to bring joy into the life of a special little girl. She’s a beautifully crafted cuddly mermaid; can you help her find some new adventures with someone special?

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Why Should I Choose the Milla Mermaid from the Birthday Presents for Kids Collection?

Milla Mermaid from the birthday presents for kids collection is the perfect gift for a little girl. Milla loves nothing more than adventuring, but also loves a lot of cuddles. So, this is the perfect companion for a little girl.

The Milla Mermaid toy is created by an Australian brand called Nana Huchy, a brand known to create timeless gifts for children. Milla the Mermaid is the perfect example of this, because every little girl has a cuddly toy or doll she treasures forever; this makes Milla the Mermaid an excellent choice for your young recipient.

Why Should I Choose the Fabulous Friend Machine Hardcover Book?

There are books that can teach children valuable lessons and the Fabulous Friend Machine is a prime example of such a book. Fabulous Friend Machine teaches children a valuable lesson about social media, but does it in a subtle manner with the help of Popcorn the chicken.

Even though there are more educational books available at Everything but Flowers, we honestly believe that The Fabulous Friend Machine is a must for this digital age. Once children get old enough to use the internet, they need to be aware of the dangers. So, the Fabulous Friend Machine is an excellent choice for the book collection of young children.

Why Should I Choose the Sophie the Giraffe Signature Kids Sunglasses?

Sophie the Giraffe is one of Australia’s most popular toy brands for babies and toddlers, but also for children. Sophie the Giraffe recently created a new line of sunglasses for kids, which are as functional as delightful.

One of the pairs of sunglasses available at Everything but Flowers is the Sophie the Giraffe Signature Kids Sunglasses. The sunglasses contain shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, which provide 100% protection against UVA and UVB light. The glasses also meet the Australian Standards AS/NZS 1067;2003, so parents can have full peace of mind!

The Sophie the Giraffe Signature Kids Sunglasses also come with a removable silicone head strap and a protective pouch; this ensures that the sunglasses don’t get lost, or that they stay safe while your child is playing. Therefore, a pair of these sunglasses is an excellent choice for a young child.

Why Should I Choose the Pink Tutu & Leg Warmers Set?

Many girls would love to be a ballerina when they grow up, but they do not necessarily have to wait for that day to come. At Everything but Flowers, parents can obtain a Pink Tutu & Leg Warmers Set for their little girl, which is bound to make some dreams come true.

The tutu inside the set is made with three types of frilly and shimmering materials; this ensures that your little girl will feel like a true ballerina when wearing this outfit. It also has a bow at the front and a comfortable elastic waist band, so this size fits all for little girls between the age of 3 and 8.

Why Should I Choose the Tiger Tribe Rainbow Hills Musical Jewellery Box?

Even little girls need a place where they can store their most valuable possessions, so the Tiger Tribe Rainbow Hills Musical Jewellery Box is perfect for that. The Tiger Tribe Rainbow Hills Musical Jewellery Box is specifically designed for little girls and features four storage compartments, a mirror feature and even a spinning ballerina on top!

Why Should I Choose the OMY Cosmos Colouring Poster?

The OMY Cosmos Colouring Poster is an excellent choice for creative children, because this poster guarantees many hours of colouring fun. The poster features an illustration of the cosmos, which can be coloured in by your young recipient. Once the colouring process is finished, your young recipient can hang this beautiful poster in her bedroom. It is a gift that keeps on giving!

Where Can I Get More Inspiration?

Do you need some additional inspiration before you choose a gift for a little girl? No need to worry, because our catalogue is filled with possibilities. At Everything but Flowers, you can find anything from cuddly toys and games to colouring books and novelty presents. So, if you have not found a good present for your young recipient yet, we urge you to look at our kid’s catalogue.

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