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Little girls love to explore this Magic Nail Factory by Wild Science! This fascinating kit collection enables them to create solvent-free nail polishes through Wild Science! special formula out of bases and pigments. Customising the nails becomes easy with an added magical glow that makes the nails visually striking in the dark. The UV-activated colour-changing effects create a stylish impact. The elements in this kit are soft and smooth on the skin and can be washed off with warm water.

The Wild Science! Nail Laboratory suits children who are 8 years old and above. The components are water based and contain Bitrex that instantly gives harmful products a very unpleasant taste to stop the children or nail biters from swallowing it. This nail laboratory kit comes with an activity guide showing how this activity can be done alone or with friends for more fun and excitement.

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Magic Nail Factory by Wild Science

What is the Magic Nail Factory by Wild Science?

The Magic Nail Factory by Wild Science is the perfect blend of fun, creativity, fashion and science to create a fun gift for girls that lets them celebrate their own personality and style with a dash of magic. This fabulous kit allows them to make nail polishes that are free from solvents because safety is always important. Each component was made using a special formula comprising of bases and pigments. Young girls will be able to easily personalise their desired nail polish using this kit.

They can add a magical glow to make their nails visually appealing even when they are in dark places. The colours of the nail polish change when activated by UV light which leads to a more stylish look. The components of the kit have a smooth texture and feels soft on the skin. The nail polish can be easily removed by warm water.
The Magic Nail Factory by Wild Science can be used by young girls who are aged 8 years old and above. The ingredients of the nail polish are water based and has Bitrex that immediately gives harmful substances a displeasing taste to hinder young girls or nail biters from ingesting it. The Magic Nail Factory also includes a detailed activity guide that illustrates how the activities can be done alone or with a group for more fun and enjoyment.

How Do I Ensure that My Daughter is Avoids Injury in Using the Magic Nail Factory by Wild Science?

Even though the components of the Magic Nail Factory are considered to be safe, special precaution should still be observed in order to ensure the safety of the child when you give the kit as presents for kids. The kit can only be used by children over 8 years old. It is not recommended for children under 3 years of age because of the small components included in the kit, which may lead to choking incidents.  Always make sure that the child is being supervised by an adult while she is using the kit.
Prior to using the kit, the oil mixtures should be melted using a hot water bath. The water must reach a temperature greater than 60oC in a beaker or kettle. A responsible adult must be present at all times to watch over the child as the heating is being done to avoid any untoward accidents.

The lids of the nail polishes should always be tightly closed. Store the containers in a cool place. Once they have been opened, the ingredients and the mixed nail polishes will last for up to 12 months if properly stored in a refrigerator or cool area. If by any chance you see the growth of mould or appearance of discolouration in the ingredient or oil mixture, don’t regret wasting the kit if you are not sure of its quality. Do not use it anymore and throw it in the trash can immediately.

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