Water Bottle 600ml - Little Miss Sunshine

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A quality stainless steel water bottle featuring the classic Little Miss character, Little Miss Sunshine with a message from Little Miss Sunshine on one side of the bottle. Features a handy carabiner clip and 600ml capacity. Keeps drink cool when on the go and perfect for break time, school and picnics. Will appeal to little kids and big kids everywhere!


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Bring Some Fun to a Child’s Life with the Christmas Presents and Birthday Presents for Kids at Everything but Flowers!

The main requirement of Christmas presents and birthday presents for kids is that they’re fun, which makes many people believe finding the perfect Christmas presents and birthday presents for kids is easy. However, once they start searching for gifts, they realise that it might be more difficult than first thought.

To help you find the perfect Christmas presents and birthday presents for kids, we have created an overview of our most fun Christmas presents and birthday presents; this could save you some considerable time! So, be sure to read on if you want to reduce your gift shop to a couple of minutes!

Little Miss Sunshine Water Bottle

There is no rule that states fun gifts can’t be functional; this is certainly proven by the Little Miss Sunshine Water Bottle. The Little Miss Sunshine Water Bottle can hold 600 millilitres of liquids and is the perfect addition to a young girl’s schoolbag or backpack.

The Little Miss Sunshine Water Bottle has some great features too! Not only does this water bottle prevent drink from spilling, it also keeps the child’s drink nice and cool. Therefore, this Little Miss Sunshine Water Bottle should always be taken when going to school, having a picnic or simply heading for a playdate in the park.

Sci-Play Make Your Own Bounce Balls

If your child recipient is somewhat obsessed by planets and our solar system, there is another fun gift in our range you cannot afford to pass on – the Sci-Play Make Your Own Bounce Balls. Bounce balls might be considered as an old classic, but this gift set makes them relevant again!

With the Sci-Play Make Your Own Bounce Balls, your recipient can create a planet-like bounce ball of their own design. The kit contains numerous neon crystals, glow-in-the-dark crystals, metallic crystals, moulds, shapes and designs; this should keep your recipient entertained for many hours!

Of course, all the materials used inside the Sci-Play Make Your Own Bounce Balls are perfectly safe. The rubber crystals inside the set are safe and non-toxic. They won’t leave stains on clothes either, so both parents and the child will appreciate this fun little gift set!

Inflatable World Globe

You can have fun while you learn something, even though many children believe that learning is quite boring! Still, the Inflatable World Globe is a prime example of how a toy can be fun and educational at the same time.

The Inflatable World Globe measures a whopping 50 centimetres in diameter, which makes it a fun ball for all types of games; this includes some games on the beach. Naturally, this Inflatable World Globe also features an accurate representation of our planet, which includes our oceans, continents, countries and capitals. Therefore, it is likely that your child recipient will learn something when playing with this inflatable globe.

Balance Red Scooter

Fun can begin from an early age, especially when the child has access to the Balance Red Scooter. The Balance Red Scooter is one of our bestsellers, because this fun scooter enables children to have fun while developing skills such as balance and dexterity.

The Balance Red Scooter is made from the finest timber and features a beautiful retro design. The seat on this bike can be adjusted as the child grows, so the recipient will enjoy this balance bike for a long time yet.

Bath Bomb Studio

If you are already familiar with the releases of Wild Science at Everything but Flowers, you’re probably excited about Bath Bomb Studio. The Bath Bomb Studio is our recommended gift idea for teenage girls, since it enables them to create their own bath bombs!

Inside the Bath Bomb Studio Pack, your recipient can find everything needed to create the perfect bath bomb; this includes fragrances, glycerine, stirring sticks, packing sticks, pipettes, spoons, citric acid, sandpaper, mould, safety goggles, balloon ties, corn-starch powder, beaker, balloons, liquid colour pigments, laboratory gloves, sodium bicarbonate and the instructions! In conclusion, everything needed to please a beauty-conscious teenager, but also everything to make them passionate about science and its applications.

Crazy Chemistry Mega Kit

Teaching children about chemistry early on can promote their future skills, but many parents have no idea how to introduce chemistry in a fun and safe way. Fortunately, Everything but Flowers have the solution for you in the form of the Crazy Chemistry Mega Kit.

The Crazy Chemistry Mega Kit is suitable for children aged 10 and older. The kit contains numerous items such as beakers, spoons, specimen tubes and all types of weird and wonderful things. The combination of items inside this set teaches kids about phenomena such as mass acceleration, long-chain polymers, bonding agents and much more. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will pass on this fun yet educational gift!

Donkey Doodle Pencil Case

Is your young recipient tired of his/her old pencil case? Then you can also provide them with more fun by choosing one of the most unique pencil cases on the market today – the Donkey Doodle Pencil Case!

The Donkey Doodle Pencil Case is a customisable pencil case, which can be altered with the help of washable markers. The pencil case itself has the shape of a shoe, so no matter which design the child creates, it will always be hip and modern! If your child is not happy with the design, you can hand-wash the design off and start all over again!

More Fun Gifts for Young Recipients

Everything but Flowers prides itself on an incredible range of fun presents for kids. So, if you have not found the perfect present in our brief overview of recommendations, we urge you to visit our catalogue and browse through all the fun gift options we have available. Our team also adds new fun gifts regularly, which means you’ll always find something new when you return to our website to find a gift.

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