Nanoblock Hokkaido Dog

Create A Menagerie Of Tiny Critters

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Introducing the world’s tiniest Hokkaido Dog from the creative team at Nanoblocks. Complete with its own tiny food bowl, crafted from the world’s tiniest building blocks, this is the perfect maintenance free pet addition to any family.

Nanoblocks have taken the world by storm to become a favourite creative outlet for children and adults alike. With the smallest Nanoblocks measuring 4mm x 4mm these tiny critter kits take around 10 minutes to 30 minutes to complete. Nanoblocks are recommended for ages 8+ due to the fine motor skills required, and are great gifts for adults too. Each set includes full colour instructions.

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Discover Animal-Themed Presents for Kids at Everything but Flowers

Children love animals, so many presents at Everything but Flowers have an animal theme. If you want to uncover our top picks from the animal-themed presents catalogue, then be sure to read on and discover your best gift options for a special occasion.

Why Should I Choose the Nanoblock Hokkaido Dog from the Kids Catalogue?

The Nanoblock Hokkaido Dog from the kids range is a good choice for animal-loving children, but also for children with a lot creativity and smarts. The Nanoblock Hokkaido Dog is a set of Nanoblocks, which enables kids to create a detailed dog from tiny blocks!

Each Nanoblock measures 4 mm x 4 mm; this means that the blocks can easily be used for more intricate constructions. Of course, this also means that the minimum age for these blocks is 8, because children will need to master their fine motor skills to finish the Nanoblock Hokkaido Dog.

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The Peter Rabbit Baby Hamper from our baby presents catalogue contains a lot of delightful Peter Rabbit products; this includes the Peter Rabbit Sleepy Time Book, Peter Rabbit Bunny Bib, Peter Rabbit First Feeding Set, Peter Rabbit Large Plush Toy, and the Marquise Grey & Yellow Arrow Studsuit. In short, a lot of Peter Rabbit stuff to go around.

Why Should I Choose the Sophie La Giraffe Board Book and Puzzle Block Set from the Christening Presents Catalogue?

There are some christening presents with an exotic animal theme in our catalogue too; this includes the Sophie La Giraffe Board Book and Puzzle Block Set. The Sophie La Giraffe Board Book and Puzzle Block Set from our christening presents catalogue.

We do need to mention that the Sophie La Giraffe Board Book and Puzzle Block Set from our christening presents range has some additional benefits. This set from our christening presents range is perfect to help develop fine motor skills and spatial awareness. Aside from these main benefits, the set also encourages creativity, colour recognition and so much more. So, there are not many reasons why you would pass on this Sophie La Giraffe set.

Why Should I Choose the Giant Unicorn Eraser Available from Everything but Flowers?

There is room for mythical animals in our presents for kids catalogue too, more specifically with the Giant Unicorn Eraser. As the name suggests, the Giant Unicorn Eraser is a huge eraser measuring 14 cm x 13 cm x 4.5 cm. So, this cute unicorn can correct a lot of mistakes.

Even though there are many applications for this Giant Unicorn Eraser, we mainly recommend it for children who are starting school – or children who are already in school. So, if your recipient is attending school, this eraser is a must-have!

Cannot get enough of unicorns? Be sure to consider the Unicorn Rainbow Pencils Set available at Everything but Flowers too! This unicorn enables your young recipient to store her pencils in style, while displaying the unicorn proudly on their desk.

Why Should I Choose the Lemur Organic Cotton Backpack Available at Everything but Flowers?

The Lemur Organic Cotton Backpack available at Everything but Flowers could also be an option for your young recipient. This fun little backpack is not only functional though, because it is also ethical and fun!

Our Lemur Organic Cotton Backpack is made from GOTS certified organic canvas and is manufactured under ethical manufacturing standards. The print added to the canvas bag is also made from environmentally-friendly ink, more specifically AZO free water-based, non-toxic ink.

The last benefit of the Lemur Organic Cotton Backpack is that the bag is easy to maintain. It can be washed in the washing machine on a 30 degrees Celsius cycle, ensuring that the child does not have to wait for their backpack long when it needs to be washed. Of course, stains and spills can easily be washed off by hand too.

Where Can I Find More Animal-Themed Presents at Everything but Flowers?

We only touched the surface of our animal-themed presents available at Everything but Flowers. To get a full overview of the animal-themed presents we can offer, please head over to our main catalogue for kids. Alternatively, you can also head over to the baby catalogue, where you will find animal-themed presents for babies and toddlers.

Do you have a question about any of the products we mentioned above? Feel free to contact our team of customer representatives for additional information.