Harold's Hungry Eyes Hardcover Book

Delightful and Heartwarming Story for Kids

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Every dog loves food, but Harold is practically obsessed with it. In Harold’s Hungry Eyes, this hungry pup gets lost in the big, bustling city. But poor Harold didn’t have his breakfast that morning and as his stomach starts to rumble, he begins to hallucinate food in mailboxes, on antennas, and coming out of buildings. Luckily, Harold is able to find his way home by following his hungry eyes across the city.

This hardcover book is written by Meagan Bennett and Kevin Waldron. Dimensions: 21.6 x 28.5cm. 32 pages.

Funny, enjoyable, and downright heartwarming, Harold’s Hungry Eyes is a book like no other! It’s the perfect bedtime tale for kids 3-6 years old. Make your kid’s gifts extra special by personalising a greeting card from your Everything But Flowers cart.

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