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Nanoblocks are a unique type of building blocks. Measuring only 4 x 4 mm they are only 1/8th of the size of regular blocks! these small blocks allow for the greatest attention to detail when creating beautiful pieces such as this beautiful American icon, the Empire State Building in New York.

This Nanoblock piece contains over 450 individual pieces to create this beautiful replica of the Empire State. A great gift idea for both the young and the old, create this 3D replica that can fit into the palm of their hand! This great gift and others are available from Everything but Flowers. Our premium online gift site is a great way to shop this Christmas, with over 1,000 gifts you will sure find something for everyone.

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Need Birthday Presents for Kids Who Like a Challenge? Find Out Our Recommendations Below!

Some children like a challenge, whether that challenge is an interesting book or an intricate puzzle. If you need a present for a smart child that could use a bit of a challenge for his or her birthday, then we can certainly recommend reading on. Below, you can find the most challenging birthday presents for kids. So, read on and find the ideal present for your smart recipient!

Does Everything but Flowers Have Challenging Block Sets for Children?

Everything but Flowers offers several sets of blocks. Some of these sets are more complicated than others, which means they are suitable for various age ranges. If you are looking for something more intricate, we can recommend looking at the Nanoblock Empire State Building; this is one of the most challenging Nanoblock selections in our birthday presents for kids collection.

The Nanoblock Empire State Building from our birthday presents for kids collection contains 450 Nanoblocks. With these Nanoblocks, children can create an exact replica of the Empire State Building. Therefore, this set from our birthday presents for kids collection can be a fun challenge for kids!

In addition to the Nanoblock Empire State Building Set, there are more intricate block sets available at Everything but Flowers. Some of our sets contains more Nanoblocks, such as the Titanic Nanoblock Set. However, there are also Nanoblock Sets that are less complicated such as the Nanoblock Squirrel. Therefore, there are certainly plenty of options for various age ranges and skill levels.

What Building Sets for Kids Can Everything but Flowers Offer?

Like with all other birthday presents for kids at Everything but Flowers, we have many building sets for kids. However, one of our most intricate ones is the 360 Twister Mega MaBoRun. The 360 Twister Mega MaBoRun guarantees many hours of fun, because the many different parts inside this set make it possible to create numerous constructions.

The 360 Twister Mega MaBoRun consist of 236 interchangeable pieces, which make different combinations possible. The only limit with this set is a child’s imagination! The set includes special mechanisms as well; this includes the see-saw device, super vortex track, 360-degree loop and even a slide labyrinth.

Our 360 Twister Mega MaBoRun is most suitable for children age six and older. Since this set contains some smaller parts, it is not suitable for children under the age of three.

Does Everything Have Any Science Kits?

Some challenging toys and games can be educational; this is certainly the case for the large collection of science kits and sets at Everything but Flowers. So, if you want to encourage any young recipient to get excited about science, any of the following science kits may be a good idea.

The first kit we can recommend is the Tech Will Save Us D.I.Y. Synth Kit. The Tech Will Save Us D.I.Y. Synth Kit provides children with more information about synthesizers and allows them to experiment with them. Kids can also create their own synths with this kit and play around with things such as volume, pitch and frequency.

Another science kit we can recommend for young recipients is the Tech Will Save Us D.I.Y. Thirsty Plant Kit. With this unique science kit, children can create their own moisture sensor, which starts to blink when a house plant is in desperate need of water. It is also a solar-powered sensor, so this kit is 100% environmentally friendly. The solar-powered sensor will also be appreciated by the parents of the young recipient, because their houseplants will always be watered on time!

Need something educational for a toddler? If so, be sure to consider the TOLO Stacking Activity Shapes. The TOLO Stacking Activity Shapes is suitable for children aged six months and older. It helps them to develop new skills; this includes colour recognition, shape recognition, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, and so much more.

One of the additional advantages of the TOLO Stacking Activity Shapes is that they can still be used as the child gets a little older. Once the child is a little bigger, they can use this toy for stacking and building. So, the benefits of the TOLO Stacking Activity Shapes are almost endless! Can you say no to this toy for a toddler?

Can I Find More Challenging Toys and Games at Everything but Flowers?

The challenging toys and games we have described above are just some of the options you have at Everything but Flowers, because there are many other challenging toys and games available in our collection. Simply head over to our kids catalogue to discover what else we could offer you.

Do you have a question about any of our presents for kids? Feel free to contact the Everything but Flowers team for some additional assistance.