Whale Children's Frisbee

Made in France.

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A picnic or a walk in the park isn't complete without a frisbee. Whether youre having a friendly game of ultimate frisbee, or sending your pooch running, this frisbee will keep you and your family entertained for summers to come! The Whale Design Frisbee is made in France. Its made of 50% brown seaweed collected in the west of France. Algoblend is an alternative to plastic, making this frisbee the perfect gift for the environmentally conscious family. Its recommended for ages 5 and up.

The diameter of this frisbee is 20 cm. We recommend giving this as a Christmas or birthday gift to children, pet parents, or ultimate frisbee enthusiasts. Going to the beach? Get the matching Whale Beach Kit for building sand castles and searching for seashells. Or, if youre just going to throw the frisbee around in the front yard, make some nice cold popsicles with the Icy Pole Maker, great for cooling off after a game of ultimate frisbee!  We proudly offer our premium gift-wrapping service, just what you need to personalise your gift for that special someone.

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Great Kid's Gifts Can Improve Their Health!

Play can be seen as something children do because they haven't learned about more intellectual pursuits, such as reading and learning facts and figures that will become useful in later life. However surprisingly play isn't just fun and frivolous. Among other things, it's vital for a child's brain development and helps them mature.

Play Time is Full of Positivity & Learning

Sometimes parents and teachers try to push a child into academic pursuits, however play is vital to a child's emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Through play they learn how to cooperate with others, overcome challenges and work out how to interact and negotiate successfully.

Play also develops their cognitive abilities; they build resilience, engage with the world around them, and have fun! Children who live in poverty or war-torn countries often don't have the opportunity to play. This can prevent them from developing into healthy adults who easily interact with the world and find pleasure in life.

When you buy kids gifts, you're not just giving them something to engage with to pass the time, your kids gifts give them a range of benefits that affect them for the rest of their life. We love the eco-friendly whale frisbee that encourages kids to get out and get exercise, while this unique product is a definite talking point, being made out of 50% seaweed from France.

Kids Gifts That Encourage Different Learning Styles

Play can be unstructured, such as running around the beach, splashing about in water, or make-believe games where children pretend to be somebody else. Kids gifts that encourage role-playing help them become more empathic towards others, because they have to put themselves inside somebody else's skin.

Structured play involves games with rules, so kids gifts such as board or card games fall into this category. As does guided play between parent and child. These kinds of kids gifts are great to teach children about rules, cooperation, boundaries and interaction (and developing patience!). Whether it's one of our puzzles or our outdoor toys; by purchasing fun toys for kids you are actually helping them learn.

The importance of developing creativity through play

People often think creativity is something only artists use. But we're all creative. Scientists wouldn't discover or invent a thing without using their creativity. People are creative in all sorts of ways and environments. Getting kids gifts that encourage creativity helps them enjoy life and see the world positively.

When you give kids gifts that are for parent and child, you're not only helping them bond, but also the adult gets to see life through the child's eyes as they engage through interactive games. As much as we don't like to admit it, as adult playing with children can be boring after a while. That's why kids gifts like the Whale Design Frisbee are so great, because adults like playing frisbee too!

When you're buying kids gifts, if the children have siblings close to their own age, then they have playmates, so any interactive kids gifts will keep them happy. If you're buying children's presents for an only child, think of something the parent will enjoy too you'll know when you see them in our 'kids' section on the website.

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