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If you’ve ever drifted away daydreaming with a pen or pencil in hand, then chances are you’ve found yourself daydreaming. This relaxing pastime is just as fun for children as it is for adults and offers a wonderful and relaxing outlet and hours of creative fun.

Doodle Town is a wonderful book gift for creative kids that features over 60 drawing and doodling activities for kids; whether it’s creating hairstyles and city scenes through to mix and match games. Grab a pencil and drift away into this magical world that’s been created by author Dominika Lipniewska.

Measuring 21cm x 15cm and 64 pages this is a wonderful book gift for 7-12 year olds or anyone who simply loves to create.

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Uncover the Creative Books from the Birthday Presents for Kids Catalogue!

There are so many creative books for kids in the birthday presents for kids catalogue, so there are plenty of options for customers who need a creative book for their young recipient. Below, we have compiled a list of our most interesting choices from the birthday presents for kids range. So, read on if you want to uncover some exciting and interesting possibilities.

Doodle Town

Our first suggestion from the birthday presents for kids catalogue is Doodle Town. The Doodle Town book is the perfect choice for creative kids, because it is one of our most creative books in the birthday presents for kids catalogue.

Doodle Town from the birthday presents for kids catalogue contains sixty drawing and doodling activities. It contains activities such as creating unique hairstyles and city scenes, but also numerous mix and match games. In short, this book is going to keep children entertained for many hours.

With a total of 64 pages, Doodle Town is an outstanding choice that is quite entertaining for kids. It is most suitable for children between the age of 7 – 12, so customers have quite a large age range to work with.

The Fabulous Friend Machine

One of our personal favourites is the Fabulous Friend Machine, because this book can be used to inform children about the dangers of social media and the internet. Since children are going to encounter this part of the world sooner or later, it is best to ensure that children know everything there is to know about it, even the dangers.

The Fabulous Friend Machine features the story of Popcorn the chicken, who lives at Fiddlesticks farm. During her adventures, Popcorn comes across a friend machine. She immediately decided to use the machine to get some new and wonderful friends, but later discovers they are no friends at all. In conclusion, a cautionary tale every child should have in their book collection.

Clockwork Soldier Design a Superhero Comic

Another creative book in our catalogue is the Clockwork Soldier Design a Superhero Comic. The book is really a kit, which enables the young recipient to create their own comic book hero from scratch. The Clockwork Soldier Design a Superhero Comic contains a comic book, activity book, activity sheets, graphic tracing sheets and a cardboard stencil sheet. So, plenty of stuff for a young recipient to create his or her own superhero.

The Clockwork Soldier Design a Superhero Comic is specifically designed for children between the age of seven and twelve. It measures a total size of 31 x 20 centimetres, so it is compact enough to take along during long car trips.

The Cupcake Spinner Game

Our next recommendation is a combination of a recipe book and a game – The Cupcake Spinner Game. The Cupcake Spinner Game is recommended for children aged five and over. It can also support two to four players, so this book/game can be fun for the entire family.

The Cupcake Spinner Game is ideal to teach children about cooking. It enables them to take their first steps in the kitchen, but in a fun and simple manner.

The Roald Dahl Treasury

Another creative option is the Roald Dahl Treasury, which contains numerous extraordinary stories. It is perfect for children who have a love for anything creative where books are concerned, because the Roald Dahl Treasury contains stories, poems, letters and even memoirs of this famous children’s author.

Aside from all the poems, letters and stories, the Roald Dahl Treasury also creates some beautiful illustrations from outstanding artists; this includes Raymond Biggs, Babette Cole and Quentin Blake. So, if 448 pages of Roald Dahl amazingness sounds like a good choice for your young recipient, you could consider the Roald Dahl Treasury.

What Other Creative Gifts Can I Obtain from Everything but Flowers?

Aside from some creative books, Everything but Flowers offers other creative presents too. So, if you have not found anything suitable in our creative books catalogue, we urge you to check out the creative toys and games catalogue too. There is so much to choose from, we are certain you will find something extraordinary for your recipient.

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