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Head Into Space To Discover Its Secrets

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Mankind has always had a fascination and interesting relationship with space. With all the unknown mysteries circling above us it’s a world that’s only become explorable in recent years and a vast landscape we may never truly understand. This wonderful children’s book Destination Space features stunning illustrations to bring the mysteries of space into an easy to understand childhood format.

With amazing facts, figures and insight, this book provides a look at time and the history of space travel as well as amazing space information. Measuring 30cm x 25.4cm with 40 pages; Author Christoph Englert and Illustrator Tom Cholosy Cole have truly created a wonderful master piece to inspire children.

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Discover the Best Birthday Presents for Kids for the Coming Year!

Every year, Everything but Flowers adds new birthday presents for kids; this to ensure our catalogue stays new and exciting! Today, we will cover the best birthday presents for kids for the coming year, so customers who need some birthday presents for kids in the year to come, can undoubtedly find some outstanding gift ideas for kids below.

What Is the First Gift Idea for a Child’s Birthday?

Our first gift idea from the birthday presents for kids catalogue is “Destination Space”, a wonderful children’s book that looks at the mysteries of space. “Destination Space” is not just an educational book though, since it will keep children entertained for hours.

“Destination Space” from the birthday presents for kids catalogue measures 30cm x 25.4cm. It counts a total of 40 pages of information, looking at things such as the planets, galaxies, and our solar system. Written by author Christoph Eglert, and illustrated by Tom Cholosy Cole, this book is going to be a big hit for any child’s birthday.

What Is the Second Gift Idea for a Child’s Birthday?

The second suggestion for a child’s birthday is a gift for little girls called Shrinkies Sweet Treats. Contrary to what the name suggests, this gift does not contain any cupcakes or sweets, but it does contain some lovely colouring pencils and jewellery-making supplies that guarantee several hours of fun.

Shrinkies Sweet Treats will keep a little girl entertained for hours on her birthday. The kit contains 8 Shrinkie sheets, 16 designs, 3 metal keyrings, 3 pendant cords, 3 double-ended pencils, 4 bracelet cords, connectors, and joiners. Therefore, this kit contains everything the little girl needs to create her own jewellery pieces.

What Is the Third Gift Idea for a Child Birthday?

Customers who require a good birthday gift for a toddler can check some of the birthday presents in our toddler range. In this range, customers can find several new presents that will be loved by a toddler in the coming year. Still, one of our personal favourites is My ABC’s Toddler Flash Cards.

My ABC’s Toddler Flash Cards look incredibly cute, but they are also quite educational. These Flash cards display colourful images accompanied by big letters and simple words; this combination enables toddlers to take their first steps in the world of reading.

What Is the Fourth Gift Idea for a Child’s Birthday?

Our fourth gift idea for a child’s birthday can be used indoors as well as outdoors, more specifically the Sunnylife Flamingo Ring Toss Game. The Sunnylife Flamingo Ring Toss Game can keep several kids entertained during a birthday party, so it is a smart choice for the birthday of any little boy or girl.

The Sunnylife Flamingo Ring Toss Game is designed for children aged three and older. It is made with a durable type of PVC plastic, which provides a thickness of 0.18mm. To ensure the durability of this Sunnylife Flamingo Ring Toss Game, our team also included a puncture repair patch. So, when you choose this ring toss game for a birthday, many hours of uninterrupted fun are almost a guarantee.

What Is the Fifth Gift Idea for a Child’s Birthday?

There are some original choices in our birthday presents for kids overview today. One of these original choices is the Fantastic Colour Placemat by OMY.

With the Fantastic Colour Placemat by OMY, mealtime will never be boring again. The Fantastic Colour Placemat by OMY contains a total of 24 place mats, each containing an interesting illustration to colour in. So, if the children tend to get noisy and hyper during dinner, then one of these placemats is bound to keep them entertained.

Even though the Fantastic Colour Placemat by OMY is a wonderful present on its own, we often recommend combining this placemat set with one of our colouring pencil sets. There are several available in our catalogue, so we suggest checking the kid’s range to discover the best option for your recipient.

What Is the Last Gift Idea for a Child’s Birthday?

Our last suggestion today is also quite special, because this present allows children to project a starry sky on the ceiling of their bedroom! The present we are talking about is the Star Map North Projector Dome, a present we expect to be popular for boys as well as girls.

Please note that we have other projectors available; this includes a fun Sophie La Giraffe Projector. If you are unsure about this projector for your recipient, simply check out the rest of our options.

Where Can I Get More Gift Ideas for a Child’s Birthday?

To get more gift ideas for a child’s birthday, we recommend heading over to our kid’s catalogue, where you can get more inspiration with countess games, decorations, books, and much more. Need more help? Contact Everything but Flowers for more information.