Countablock Board Book

Features Peek-a-Boo Game and Numbers from 1 to 100

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Before children can learn how to count or do math, they have to learn their basic numbers. The Countablock board book presents and teaches numerals 1 through 10 and 20 through 100 by tens in a colourful, fun, and playful way. Each numeral is given its own page complete with an exciting peek-a-boo game. For example, if there are 40 chicken eggs, how many chicks will there be when all the eggs hatch? The answer is hinted at by looking through the die-cut numeral page.

This board book is illustrated by Peskimo and written by Christopher Franceschelli. Board Book Dimensions: 14.2 x 16.8cm. 94 pages.

After reading Countablock a few times, kids 3-6 years old are sure to have a good grasp on their numbers, so they’re ready for school! In fact, they’ll know their numbers backward and forward, literally. This board book is just one of many educational kid’s gifts available from Everything But Flowers. Shop today for your own children, nieces, and nephews!

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