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Fun Feet For Busy Boys

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Looking for fun gifts for boys who love adventures? Let them take some adventurous help with them – on their feet. This fun team of sock characters will be with them no matter where they roam and will keep their feet comfortable and their faces smiling each day.

When it comes to gifts for boys, it pays to take the time to find the most fun gifts possible, which is exactly what we do here at Everything But Flowers. These socks for boys are fun and fabulous, made from gorgeous soft cotton, they are sized 4-7. Featuring Commander Awesome, Sigmund, Professor Brian Sox Jr and Brad Feet, your boy’s gift shopping just got a lot more fun.

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Fun Birthday Presents for Kids – Discover Them at Everything but Flowers!

There are many fun birthday presents for kids in our collection, so you certainly do not have to look beyond Everything but Flowers to find the perfect present. Below, you will find some of our top picks as well, so you can easily pick out the perfect birthday present for your young recipient!

Does Everything but Flowers Offer Any Fun Fashion?

Fun birthday presents for kids can also be functional; this much is proven by the Boys Sock from Chatty Feet. The Boys Sock Set from our birthday presents for kids collection features many warm and fun characters, which means these socks will never be boring.

The Boys Sock Set from Chatty Feet is suitable for boys with size four to seven. Of course, the socks are also made of the finest cotton, which makes these socks breathable, comfortable and warm.

Does Everything but Flowers Have Any Fun Activities for Kids?

If you are looking for a fun birthday present for a girl, you could consider the Mouse Skipping Rope from the birthday presents for kids collection. The Mouse Skipping Rope is an ideal pastime on the playground, but could also be used to be active at home.

The Mouse Skipping Rope measures 240 centimetres in length. It is made with quality wooden handles, which ensures easier grip. The handles also have a beautiful mouse motif, which makes sure that this skipping rope stands out more than all the standard options you can find in the store.

Does Everything but Flowers Have Any Gifts for Creative Children?

Most creative presents are loads of fun, so the Kid Made Modern Artist Acrylic Paints can also be a wonderful present for your young recipient. The Kid Made Modern Artist Acrylic Paints Set contains vibrant colours, enabling your recipient to create true masterpieces.

The paint set from our birthday presents for kids collection can be combined with other creative presents available at Everything but Flowers. Customers can choose from a large collection of colouring posters, paint brushes, colouring pencils, colourings books and so much more. So, be sure to check out all the creative options before checking out today.

Does Everything but Flowers Have Any Games for Kids Available?

There are several games for children available at Everything but Flowers. One of these games is the Never Forget a Face! Matching Game, an excellent game that will keep children entertained for hours.

The Never Forget a Face! Matching Game includes 24 different card pairs. Each of the card pairs has illustrations that have been inspired by different regions in the world. The cards are also eco-friendly, because they are made with 90% recycled paper and vegetable-based inks. So, anyone might find it difficult to find a fault with this outstanding game.

Does Everything but Flowers Have Any Fun Blocks?

Even though there are several block sets in our collection, we certainly recommend any of our Nanoblock sets. One of the Nanoblock sets in our collection is the Nanoblock Squirrel, which enables the young recipient to create an entire squirrel with miniscule blocks only measuring 4 millimetres.

The Nanoblock Squirrel is suitable for children older than eight. The entire Nanoblock Squirrel takes anything between ten minutes and thirty minutes to complete, although it may take some children a little longer than others. Each set contains anything between one hundred and one hundred and eighty pieces, so children can create a lot more than a squirrel with this set of blocks.

We need to mention that Everything but Flowers has more Nanoblock sets than the Nanoblock Squirrel. So, if you like the idea of gifting a Nanoblock Set, we recommend checking out the other Nanoblock Sets in our collection.

Does Everything but Flowers Have Fun Books for Kids?

Everything but Flowers has many fun books for kids, but one of our personal favourites is the Clockwork Soldier Design a Superhero Comic. The Clockwork Soldier Design a Superhero Comic enables your young recipient to create his or her own superhero from scratch, so this creative book should be in the collection of any child.

There are more creative books inside our collection, so if you want something like the Clockwork Soldier Design a Superhero Comic, you will certainly find it at Everything but Flowers.

Can You Recommend Other Fun Presents at Everything but Flowers?

With our overview above, we have only covered a small part of our presents collection. Do you need some additional recommendations from our presents for kids collection? If so, feel free to contact Everything but Flowers via email or telephone for some personal recommendations.

Customers can also use the interactive chat message window, which can be found on the bottom of our website. The chat function can be used to converse with our team during business hours, but also to leave us a message outside business hours.