Nanoblock Chameleon

Small Blocks, Big Detail, Huge Fun.

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What makes Nanoblocks unique are their miniature sized blocks. The smallest block measures just 4 mm x 4mm. These small blocks allow for the greatest attention to detail to create different animals, creatures and wold land marks.

A great way to begin your Nanoblock collection is the delightful Chameleon from the Mini Series. Popular with boys and girls from 8 + years this little critter will take around 10-30 minutes to complete and contains over 100 individual blocks for them to build with.

Complete with step by step colour instructions this makes a great gift over the holidays to keep them entertained and focused! This great gift and many others from the Nanoblock collection are available from Everything But Flowers. Choose to have your gift gift wrapped and make it a more personal gift over Christmas.

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Choosing the best Gifts for Kids

Parents and grandparents are always looking for children’s gifts that can be enjoyed for hours at a time and for years to come - quality kid’s gifts that last, and can be handed down to both boys and girls. Building toys, and toys that spark a child’s imagination, make the best gifts.

If you’re wanting gifts for boys and girls that allow them explore and create, then Nanoblocks are ideal. Your kids will be making cute creations and elaborate architecture in no time. These tiny building blocks will have your budding engineers and designers busy for hours. With Nanoblocks, your children can create exceptionally intricate models. Each Nanoblock set comes with detailed colour instructions to help them along the way. Even better, every set is incredible versatile! If your child loves construction and model building gifts, then Nanoblocks will make the best present.

Choosing Toys as Children’s Gifts

Quality children’s toys don’t need to be limited to special occasions like birthday presents. Educational toys that are genuinely fun give your child a chance to learn important skills while they play. Building toys like the Nanoblock Chameleon tick all the boxes. These micro-sized blocks make a perfect present for older kids that enjoy puzzles or challenging hands-on activities. They also make a fun gift for gadget lovers or anyone that likes to fiddle with their hands.

Kid’s gifts that allow for free play appeal to both boys and girls. There’s no limit to what your kids can create with Nanoblocks. Kids and teenagers love presents that are versatile. The Nanoblock range is perfect if you’re looking for an older kid’s gift that will let them come up with their own ideas and make their own custom builds.

Nanoblocks are an especially great gift for teenagers. Teens can be tricky to buy gifts for, but with Nanoblocks they are free to express themselves any way they choose. If you’re looking for a kid’s gift for a technology loving teenager who wants to create his or her own custom designs, or someone with an eye for detail, these tiny blocks allow for highly detailed construction.

What else can your child do with Nanoblocks?

Construction block sets can be used for lots more than just building! Nanoblocks are perfect for creating animated stop motion videos. Your kids will love telling their own stories with these tiny blocks. Making stop motion animations is super easy. With just a camera and some freely available computer software, your children can learn how to make their own movies. An awesome gift for kids.

Because these building blocks are so tiny, they make great desk accessories. If you want cute collectable gifts for kids, the Nanoblock Chameleon will make an adorable addition to your child’s bedroom.

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