Bingo! Car Travel Game

Set Includes a Compact Box for Extra Portability

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Road trips can be awesome. With little kids, they can also be kind of tough. To make sure long travel days roll on smoothly, we’re happy to offer this fun Bingo! Car Travel game. It comes with everything a family needs to stay engaged, entertained, and happy while on the road. The game includes four pads of unique bingo sheets and four small pencils. The sheets contain a variety of fun squares, including churches, cows, and stop signs.

The items in this set come packaged in a compact box that measures 13.5 x 13.5cm, making it the perfect size for storing in the glovebox. We encourage you to make car rides fun again with this amazing kids gift! The game is recommended for children 5+ years old.

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Discover Fun Games for Kids at Everything but Flowers!

When you are looking for a good present for a child, you should certainly consider a fun game. Now, this does not necessarily have to be the latest computer game, since there are many kid’s games that can keep children entertained and away from their computer or gaming console. Curious what these games are? Check out our suggestions from the kid’s presents catalogue below.

What Is the First Kid’s Game I Could Give as a Present?

Our first suggestion is a game designed for children age five and older. It is the perfect solution for a long road trip, since Travel Bingo is designed to keep your kids entertained while you travel. So, it does not only benefit children, the parents will appreciate this fun travel game too!

Travel Bingo comes in a compact box, so it is easy to take the game along while travelling. The set incudes four bingo pads and four pencils. To play the game, kids must be mindful of their environment. Each bingo card contains images of churches, cows, and even stop signs. So, if you are on the road and in the car, children have the chance to earn a bingo!

Naturally, Travel Bingo is a game that can be played with the entire family. Even though the game is designed for children, many adults find a trip with some Travel Bingo a lot more entertaining as well!

What Is the Second Kid’s Game I Could Give as a Present?

There are tons of fun games for kids at Everything but Flowers and some are both fun and educational! One of these games is the Slime Goo Lab from Wild Science, allowing children to explore the basics of chemistry and physics with a safe gift set.

Slime Goo Lab from Wild Science provides all the tools needed to make the slimiest goo! With the items in the set, kids can make anything from slime balls to blood clots and boogers. Naturally, this immediately explains why this set is so popular among little boys.

What Is the Third Kid’s Game I Could Give as a Present?

Some of our interactive presents are specifically designed for boys, while others are designed for girls. One of the kits that is specially designed for girls is the Sleepover Party Kit, another release from the people at Wild Science.

Wild Science is a toy brand that focuses on creating toys that are both fun and educational. The Sleepover Party Kit is another example of that, because this kit enables girls to make their own bath bombs and fragrances. This is more than just a basic crafting kit, since it introduces girls to the wonderful world of chemistry at the same time.

What Is the Fourth Kid’s Game I Could Give as a Present?

Puzzles are considered as timeless games for kids. Many of us grew up doing puzzles ourselves, so ensuring your child has the same fun experience is certainly not a bad idea.

Everything but Flowers offers several puzzles in its catalogue and some even glow in the dark. One of our puzzles that glows in the dark is the Unicorn Glow in the Dark Puzzle, but you also have other options such as the Under the Sea Glow in the Dark Puzzle. Determine the preferences of the child you are buying for and choose a puzzle with an image they will love.

What Is the Fifth Kid’s Game I Could Give as a Present?

Does the child you are buying for like nothing else but computer games? There is something you could get to keep them entertained on the go, more specifically the Mini Arcade Machine.

The Mini Arcade Machine is a compact replica of a vintage arcade machine and is portable. It features some of the classic 16-bit games, so it is bound to keep those computer and console game lovers entertained for several hours on end.

At Everything but Flowers, you can find more handheld consoles and even kits enabling children to create their own console from scratch. All our games and presents can contribute to a child’s education, since our presents always have a fun twist!

Where Can I Find More Kid’s Games at Everything but Flowers?

Everything but Flowers has an entire collection of games and toys, which can be found in our ‘kids’ catalogue. If you need more inspiration for your recipient, simply head over to this catalogue and check out some of our latest additions. We are sure you will not be disappointed.

At Everything but Flowers, customers can also find a collection of presents for adults. We even offer experiences, which you can use to provide your recipient with some wonderful new memories. So, no matter who you need a gift for, be sure to return to Everything but Flowers!