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Give the gift of a new best friend. This gorgeous Nanoblock French Bulldog is one of the latest additions to the Nanoblock family. Boasting the world’s tiniest building blocks, these fun sets offer lots of fun for older children and adults to. They’ll carefully piece together each micro building block to create their masterpiece.

The tiniest Nanoblocks measure just 4mm x 4mm, requiring patience and fine motor skills to complete each set. The Nanoblock French Bulldog includes over 100 pieces of micro fun and is recommended for ages 8+. Each Nanoblocks kit includes full colour instructions for easy building.

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Let Your Child’s Creativity Roam Free with the Nanoblock Bulldog

Blocks are beneficial for the development of children, which is why many parents will choose some blocks from our presents for kids range. If you are looking for some original block presents for kids, be sure to consider the Nanoblock Bulldog, a micro block toy that delivers a maximum amount of fun. To find out more about this gift from our presents for kids range, or to find out more about the developmental benefits of toy blocks for children, please read our information below.

What Is the Nanoblock Bulldog?

The Nanoblock Bulldog is the latest addition to the famous Nanoblock family. Nanoblocks are a Japanese invention, first developed in 2008. The blocks soon became popular with many children around the world, so these blocks have taken the toy market by storm.

There is a difference between the Nanoblock and the standard building block you will find in other toy kits. The Nanoblock is 1/8th smaller than the normal toy block, which enables children aged 8 and up to make more complex creations and let their creativity roam free. Naturally, Everything but Flowers also offers normal blocks for younger children in the range of presents for kids. So, if your child is too young for these amazing Nanoblocks, you will find other options suitable for your child’s age.

The Nanoblocks used to create this bulldog measure 4 millimetres by 4 millimetres; this means that creating this bulldog will take good fine motor skills and patience. With a total of 100 pieces, this set of Nanoblocks is ideal for creative children who like a nice challenge. If your child fits this description, be sure to acquire this Nanoblock Bulldog from our range of presents for kids!

What Benefits Do Toys Blocks Have for Children?

Parents who have experience with the educational and developmental benefits of toys are already familiar with the benefits of toy blocks. However, it can be useful to see an overview of the benefits, so you can determine if a toy block set is a present your child can benefit from.

Improved Spatial Skills

Several studies have shown that there is a link between construction play and spatial skills. These are the skills a child or adult uses to visualise a shape in the mind. For example, good spatial skills enable chemists to visualise the three-dimensional form of a molecule, or architects to visualise the design of a home before they draw it on paper.

During a study executed by Yvonne Caldera in 1991, 51 pre-schoolers were monitored during construction activities. The observed children showed more interest in construction than other activities and could build quite sophisticated structures. These children also seemed to perform better on a standard IQ-test.

Other studies executed in 2014 and 2015 showed similar results compared to the 1991 study of Yvonne Caldera. Results from these studies showed that building creative structures encourages children to test the things they visualised in their mind and enabled them to mentally rotate objects before building them. Therefore, researchers believed that the use of toy blocks could help children to develop superior spatial skills.

Improved Math Skills

Construction plays has not only been linked to superior spatial skills, but also to improved math skills. One study examined the link between construction play and the ability to learn and understand math. Researchers started following the test subjects from the age of four, and followed them all the way to high school. When the children reached their teen years, children who used to play with blocks obtained higher scores on mathematics than children who did not.

A second study wanted to discover if there was a link between a child’s ability to create certain structures with toy blocks and their current mathematical abilities. The study was executed on pre-schoolers as well as tweens and adolescents. Those who were better at building creative structures with blocks, also seemed to do better in mathematics.

The final study, executed in 2014 in the Netherlands, found that children who preferred to play with blocks in their free time were better at mathematics. They also proved more efficient in solving mathematical word problems. Because of all previously executed studies, researchers believe strongly that there is a link between construction play and mathematical ability.

Better Problem-Solving Skills

Problems can be recognised in two different ways: convergently and divergently. Convergent thinking leads someone to solve a problem in one way, while divergent thinking leads someone to solve a problem in multiple ways. Divergent thinking is of special importance here, because playing with blocks is considered as divergent play.

Children can make all types of different constructions with the same number of blocks; therefore, researchers believed that block play could improve a child’s ability of thinking divergently and wanted to investigate this phenomenon. There is also scientific proof supporting this claim, obtained during a study by Pepler and Ross in 1981.

Could Improve Social Skills

Parents who let their children play with toy blocks together are directly improving their children’s social skills as well. This phenomenon could prove especially useful for children suffering from autism, since autistic kids attending group sessions with toy block play showed greater social improvement than children who did not.

More Toy Blocks at Everything but Flowers

Do you want your child to benefit from playing with some toy blocks, but are the Nanoblocks a little too complicated for them? Be sure to have a look at our presents for kids range, since this range contains more toy blocks suitable for children of all ages.

One set of blocks suitable for toddlers is the Peppa Pig Block Wagon.  The Peppa Pig Block Wagon contains 30 wooden blocks, each of them containing beautiful illustrations, letters, numbers, dots or a puzzle. The blocks are also large and were not made with harmful chemicals, which means these blocks are 100% safe for your little one.

Of course, there are many other block sets to discover, so head over to our range now to see which block set could bring your child hours of fun, as well as some educational advantages that could benefit them later in life.