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An adult human body has 206 bones. Woah! Learning each one may seem impossible, but kids can get well on their way with this spectacular Anatomical Skeleton Model. Because the set only comes with 16 plastic pieces, children are invited to learn the major bones of the body without feeling overwhelmed. It’s fantastic for kids studying biology!

The set includes one wooden stand and a colour sheet with fascinating information about the human skeleton. When complete, the entire model is 10 x 10 x 36cm. The completed skeleton alone is 30cm tall. Recommended for children 3+ years old. Contains small parts.

This Anatomical Skeleton Model by Rex will inspire children to learn and explore, making it a wonderful gift for curious kids everywhere! Use our premium gift-wrapping service during checkout to save time and add a nice finishing touch to this gift.

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Educational Gifts for Kids You Cannot Miss!

Giving an educational gift to a child is often more valuable. It provides them with knowledge, which they could use later in life or use to perform better in school. There are many educational gifts available at Everything but Flowers, so you will have loads to choose from.

To help you find an educational gift for your recipient, we have created an overview of our favourite educational gifts for children. So, when in doubt, read our overview below and find the most amazing gifts that could contribute to your child’s education.

What Is the First Educational Gift I Could Obtain from Everything but Flowers?

Does your child dream about becoming a doctor or a nurse? Why not start them early with the Anatomical Skeleton Model from Everything but Flowers? The Anatomical Skeleton Model is made for children, explaining some of the detailed bone structures on a child’s level.

The Anatomical Skeleton Model from Everything but Flowers measures 10 cm x 10 cm x 36 cm; this means it can stand on your child’s desk without problems. The item does contain some small parts, so this gift is only recommended for children older than three.

What Is the Second Educational Gift I Could Obtain from Everything but Flowers?

Learning can be fun; this much is proven by many of the educational gift sets available at Gifts Australia. One of these fun yet educational gift sets is the Slime Goo Lab from Wild Science, which proves especially popular with little boys.

The Slime Goo Lab from Wild Science enables children to dabble in the world of science by experimenting with slimy goo. The kit enables them to create slime balls, blood clots, and boogers, but teaches them something about chemical reactions and physics at the same time! So, if you want to stimulate the mind of your child without them realising you are doing it, the Slime Goo Lab by Wild Science is an outstanding choice.

What Is the Third Educational Gift I Could Obtain from Everything but Flowers?

Nothing stimulates the mind more than a good brain teaser, and what better brain teaser than a good puzzle? There are several puzzles for kids at Everything but Flowers, but some are truly remarkable and special!

One of the most remarkable puzzles in our gifts for kids range is the Under the Sea Glow in the Dark Puzzle. Not only does this puzzle provide a nice brain teaser and some mental stimuli, it is also a puzzle that glows in the dark. So, once your child has finished it, why not frame it and hang it in the bedroom as a reward for their accomplishment?

Please note that Everything but Flowers provide several glow-in-the-dark puzzles. We have the ocean puzzle, but also a glowing unicorn. So, be sure to check the additional options to find the one that suits your child best.

What Is the Fourth Educational Gift I Could Obtain from Everything but Flowers?

If your child loves to read, then it becomes a lot easier to get them something educational for a special occasion. At Everything but Flowers, customers can find various books that may appeal to children; this includes the classic ‘Roald Dahl Treasury’.

Roald Dahl Treasury’ contains many of the classic Roald Dahl stories, many of which we have grown up with ourselves. Stories can fuel you child’s imagination and creativity, but also promote their reading skills. So, why not stimulate your child’s mind with this book?

What Is the Fifth Educational Gift I Could Obtain from Everything but Flowers?

Up until now, we have described some educational gifts most suitable for children age three and older. However, there are some gifts at Everything but Flowers that are suitable for younger children too. One of these educational gifts is the Magnificent World of ABCs Magnet Set.

Reading and writing does not start until primary school, even though children learn some of the basics before that. Parents can make sure their child picks up one these basics quickly, especially when they choose the Magnificent World of ABCs Magnet Set as a gift.

The Magnificent World of ABCs magnet set contains various magnets with letters of the alphabet. It also contains picture magnets and grouping cards, as well as a magnetic surface for the child to apply the letters and pictures. So, this is a recommendation for any parent who wants to promote their child’s ability to read and write in the future.

Where Can I Find More Educational Gifts Suitable for My Child at Everything but Flowers?

Everything but Flowers values education, so you will find more suitable choices for your child in our catalogue. To discover all the amazing educational gifts we can offer you, simply head over to our collection of kid’s gifts and uncover the perfect way for your child to learn!