Laguiole French-Made Ivory Serrated Steak Knives

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What is included with this knife gift set?

This gift includes a set of six serrated Laguiole knives that come with elegant ivory handles.  The knife blades are made out of hardened stainless steel which ensures a long lasting mirror finish and great durability.  The ivory handles are made out of ABS resin and also have stainless steel accents or bolsters. This lovely set of knives also comes with its own knife block so it can be proudly displayed in the kitchen or dining room.  It also comes packaged in a European beech wood box which adds to the gift’s overall presentation.

What is a Laguiole knife?

Laguiole knife refers to a specific style of knife that was originally made in the early 1800s in the Southern French village of Laguiole and the nearby city of Thiers – France’s capital of cutlery and knife manufacturing for the past 600 years.  The blades of classic laguiole knives were known for having a slim profile and gentle curves giving it a very elegant look.

Laguiole knives were originally designed as small folding knives.  Over the last hundred years, it has been adapted for many different uses such as steak knives, cheese knives, pairing knives, bread knives, and many more.

Where is the Laguiole knife gift set made?

This Laguiole serrated knife set was made in the rural countryside of Thiers by Andre Verdier – one of the oldest knife makers in France.  Andre Verdier is a family business that was founded in 1859 and is currently run by the Verdier brothers who come from a long line ‘couteliers’ or cutlery makers who specialise in Laguiole knives. 

Andre Verdier makes its entire range of Laguiole knives in a modern factory where all production is done in house starting from the processing of raw materials to final assembly and packaging.  Each Laguiole knife goes through up to 50 steps of production before the final product is ready to leave the factory floor.  Every Andre Verdier product also comes with a certificate of authenticity and is stamped with the company’s trademark Laguiole Bee making it an exquisite gift that will be appreciated and treasured for a long time.

Who is the Andre Verdier Laguiole serrated knife gift set for?

The Andre Verdier serrated knife set is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to entertain at home.  It can make any BBQ weekend or evening dinner party with friends feel more luxurious and special.  It is also an ideal housewarming present that will quickly spruce up any kitchen counter with a bit of classic French flair. 

These exquisitely made serrated Laguiole knives have a tooth like cutting edge that will easily cut through juicy steaks and turn them into delectable bite-sized pieces.  This makes this serrated knife set a great gift idea for foodies and steak lovers.  Because of its excellent handling, long lasting edge and elegant looks, any meal you eat at home will feel like an upscale night out at a five star restaurant.

It is also a great wedding gift idea for couples who are starting out a new life together.  This French made knife set will easily stand out from all other wedding gifts and leave a good impression that will last a lifetime.

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