Schott Zwiezel Champagne Ivento Flutes

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These German made Schott Zwiezel Champagne Ivento Flutes are just perfect for holding Champagne bubbles longer and intensifying the delicious taste of Champagne. These Champagne Flutes are a wonderful gift for Christmas Day, for a Birthday, Fathers' Day or Mothers' Day. The Ivento Flutes are also dishwasher safe. Everything But Flowers has 1,000s of gift ideas and experiences for all occasions. All orders $99 or over include free shipping Australia-wide.

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Schott Zwiezel Champagne Ivento Flutes

When looking for homeware presents, you can go ordinary or you can go for a fantastic choice by giving something really exceptional. And if it is extraordinary that you want, get these Schott Zwiezel Champagne Ivento Flutes as your gift.
Schott Zwiezel Champagne Ivento Flutes – Homeware Presents for All Occasions

These Champagne Flutes are a wonder. They are German-made glasses that are just perfect for holding Champagne bubbles longer and intensifying the delicious taste of Champagne. Designed for Champagnes and other sparkling wines, the flutes have small mouth and tall shape that make the bubbles move slowly, thus retaining their effervescence. Even after the surface bubbles have dissipated, the glass still creates a continuous stream of bubbles.
Schott Zwiesel has created the most brilliant crystal glass available. The amazing Champagne flutes are wonderful homeware presents for Christmas Day, birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or just about any special occasion because they are not your ordinary Champagne glass. Ivento flutes are made with patented Tritan Crystal.
The Tritan technique is credited for producing extra-strong crystalline stemware by combining a proprietary mix of materials with tempering of vulnerable points. Thus, this results to the creation of the most resilient fine stemware globally. The flutes may appear delicate but since these are Schott Zwiesel, they are resistant to scratching, chipping, and breakage. Surely, wine connoisseurs and talented novices won’t have a hard time presenting their cocktails and wines in stunning quality and style.
Schott Zwiesel Glassware
The famed German producer Schott Zwiesel has revolutionised the concept of glassware. Aside from being extremely stunning, they are also surprisingly durable and not prone to breakage. The company has been leading the glass industry for more than 100 years, with many industry “firsts” under its belt.
For instance, in 1967, Schott Zwiesel was the first to fully automate the production of blown glass stemware. It was also the first glassmaker to produce crystal glass free from lead while retaining its quality and brilliance. This was successfully done during the 1990s when the glass industry was struggling with the environmental issues concerning lead and heavy metals.
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