Anna Gare Red Retro Measuring Cups

Old Time Beauty from Anna Gare

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A kitchen isn't complete without a bit of a charm and without measuring cups! Which is why Anna Gare continues her retro collection of kitchenware with these adorable, vintage-style, ceramic measuring cups. These 4 cups come in bright shades of red and orange, harkening back to the cheery colors of the 1950s and 60s. Each cup comes with two lips for easy carrying and pouring. In this set of 4, there is 1 cup, ½ cup, ? cup, and ¼ cup. These durable and beautiful measuring cups make a great gift for bakers, cooks, and food enthusiasts everywhere. So why don’t you brighten someone’s day as well as their kitchen and give the Anna Gare Retro Measuring Cups as a Christmas, Mother’s Day, or birthday gift. But what’s next after you have all the large ingredients measured out? Well now it’s time to measure out your spices with the red Anna Gare Retro Measuring Spoons. Then mix all your ingredients together in a red Anna Gare Retro Mixing Bowl. You’ll be baking up delectable treats with ease and charm. We offer free shipping Australia-wide on orders over $99. We also offer premium gift-wrapping, so your presents are ready to go!

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