Anna Gare Retro Measuring Cups Blue

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No kitchen is complete without a bit of a charm and without measuring cups. This is why Anna Gare continues her retro collection of kitchenwares with these nifty, vintage-style, ceramic measuring cups. The 4 cups come in bright shades of blue and green, harkening back to the upbeat styles of the 1950s and 60s.

Each cup comes with two lips for easy carrying and pouring. In this set of 4, you can measure 1 cup, cup, cup, and cup. These durable and beautiful measuring cups make a great gift for bakers, cooks, and food enthusiasts everywhere. So brighten someones day as well as their kitchen and give the Anna Gare Retro Measuring Cups as a Christmas, Mothers Day, or birthday gift.

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How do you properly measure out your ingredients?

Sometimes the key to the perfect recipe is measuring as precisely as possible. Precise measurements are particularly important when baking. Measuring out ingredients is an easy task, but there are some tips and tricks you can use to make sure your measurements come out right every time.

Before we get started, make sure you have a good set of measuring spoons or measuring cups, like Anna Gare Blue Retro Measuring Cups. Because theyre both useful and cute, they make great gifts for women!

How do you measure liquid ingredients?

When measuring liquid, like milk, broth, or juice, simply pour the liquid into a measuring cup. Make your eyes as level as possible with the liquid. If the liquid is even with the measurement you need (or even with the top of the measuring cup youre using), then your ingredient is measured out perfectly.

There is an exception to this rule: water. Because water molecules like to stick together and because theyre quite polar, when measuring in a glass container you may notice that water climbs up the side of the container. At the center of the container, the water will be lower than it appears on the sides. This is called the meniscus and this is what should be even with your desired measurement mark for an accurate reading.

Finally, when measuring sticky liquids, like honey or molasses, first spray your measuring cup with cooking spray or heat the measuring cup under hot water. Then measure your sticky ingredient. It should pour out easily!

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How do you measure dry ingredients?

With most dry ingredients, like sugar and salt, you can simply scoop the ingredient into a measuring cup, then shake off the excess until the ingredient is even with the edge of the cup. But when measuring flour, take a heaping scoop, then use a knife or other straight edge and sweep across the measuring cup to get rid of the excess.

With most dry ingredients, you never want to pack the ingredient down. With brown sugar, however, you always want to pack it down to get the right measurement. Refined sugar and other dry ingredients naturally settle into the measuring cup, so there are few (if any) air bubbles. Brown sugar, being sticky and a bit more thick will have several air bubbles if you dont pack it down. This can easily throw-off your measurement without your noticing.

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