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This cute preserving jar set will look just perfect on the kitchen counter and they will inspire anyone to start preparing home-made jams, spicy chutneys, relishes and pickles. They will also love the cute retro look and the sturdy lids that will not come loose in a hurry!

Our collection contains two handy 125mm and 250mm size jars, and the glass containers will let the beauty of the gourmet products shine through and excite appetites. All Everything but Flowers orders greater than $99 ship free Australia wide, and there are more that 1,000 to choose from.

Delivery: Flat Rate of $10.95 Australia-wide. Order over $99.00 for FREE delivery.

Birthday Gifts that look stylish but won’t break the Budget!

The Anna Gare Preserving Jar Set is the perfect Birthday Gift for those who love all things Jam and Preserves. These gorgeous glass airtight storage containers from Anna Gare will have the home foodie storing her favourite Jam’s, Chutney’s, relishes and more with the comfort of keeping them perfectly preserved and looking great in any kitchen setting. The lids are durable and sturdy and come with some trendy retro text on the external casing of the jar that indicate the measure of the jar.

Anna Gare Preserving Jar Set is the perfect Gifts for Her

Finding the right Gifts for Her doesn’t need to be an endless shopping or difficult journey, and it doesn’t need to break the budget. The best Gifts for Her come straight from the heart, especially Kitchen Gifts. The Anna Gare Preserving Jar Set is just the perfect gift package for preserving gourmet goodness into retro styled storage vessels. Gifts for Her are so easy at Everything But Flowers especially kitchen gifts for those ladies with the taste for foodie delights. The art of preserving and storing has been evolving for many years, way back when your Great Grandma used their beautiful home grown fruits and vegetables to offer as gifts or treat the kids to special spreads on toast and sandwiches. This preserving trend is right here and now and The Anna Gare Preserving Jar Set the perfect gift for any occasion – Gifts for Her, Mother’s Day, Gifts for Home or just because ‘I love you’.

Kitchen Gifts are our Speciality at Everything But Flowers

The modern day kitchen is a busy place filled with beautiful aromas and goodies that delight all who visit for food made with love. The pantry and cupboards are usually filled to the brim with essential items to cook heavenly masterpieces. The Anna Gare Preserving Jar Set is a must have kitchen gift for her collection of tools to create those perfect pickles and more. Often shopping for kitchen gifts can be tricky as the MasterChef of the house will love to have the perfect implements for the perfect dish, and this is why we know at Everything But Flowers The Anna Gare Preserving Jar Set will impress her as the perfect Kitchen Gifts.

Anna Gare Preserving Jar Set for Mother’s Day or any Occasion

This stunning little collection of glass preserving jars by Anna Gare is the perfect Kitchen Gift for any occasion especially on Mother’s Day. We all loves Mum’s cooking and we know that Mother’s Day is a very special day to celebrate all that we love about our dear Mum’s. The Anna Gare Preserving Jar Set is a double whammy Kitchen Gift as not only are you giving a stunning gift for but you may even get to try the delicious preserves she whips up for the big day! Send your Mum the gift of The Anna Gare Preserving Jar Set this Mother’s Day all wrapped up in love. For Delivery options, please feel free to visit our Delivery Options page right here on Everything But Flowers.