Chateau Vintage Photo Frame

Stylish French rustic chic! Tr s beau!

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If you are searching for something elegant to give to a friend who collects photos, then our Chateau Vintage Photo Frame is bound to attract interest with picture size 3.5 x 5.0 easily accommodated. The aviary-effect and pastels look stunning in any well-appointed room.

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Chateau Vintage Photo Frames

Is there a woman in your life whose birthday is coming up soon? Perhaps you have a soon arriving anniversary and you still don’t know what to get the one that you love. Or maybe you want to get a simple gift just to say thank you to a woman in your life for her just being herself. Sometimes it gets difficult to wrap your head around the perfect words to say so it has been a popular idea to look for presents for her. Sadly, this is an equally difficult since women are often so detail-oriented.

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Everything But Flowers’ Chateau Photo Frames

People think that getting photo frames for her is probably the worst and most common ideas but it doesn’t have to stop you. The Chateau Photo Frames that Everything But Flowers’ offers has a design that makes it a beautiful and unique thing to give to her. It is a frame that holds a 3x5-inch image in it. Perfect for when you want to cherish a moment with her.

Everything But Flowers is an Australian gift shop that offers and delivers presents all over the country; presents like this remarkable photo frame. This photo frame has a rustic design which has been all the rage recently. The rustic design has been used as pegs for all kinds of things like houses, parties, and even presents. The design of this Chateau Photo Frame is quite loud yet very simple. Though it covers just about the entire frame, there is somehow a sense of peace that it exudes.

How to send this lovely frame to her

This is the perfect present for her if she is the type of girl who loves rustic, feel good, Parisian designs. You can order Everything But Flowers’ Chateau Photo Frame along with more than a thousand other brilliant gift ideas on their official website. If you order this along with other items, you can get free shipping if your purchase reaches $99! Get this wonderful present for her on your next anniversary or on days where you just want to show her you love her and she will definitely appreciate this gesture of love and the wonderful life that you share together.