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Making a house a home can be a difficult job. Sometimes all it really needs is a few choice pieces to make it your own. With this in mind Everything But Flowers has come up with a wide selection of Homewares so that you can give your home its own personality. For bookworms, we have a pair of Bulldog Bookends that can really spice up a bookcase. Nobody likes scuffs and messes on the dining room table, so grab a set of Blue Dazzle Placemats. Finally, for a stylish way to store your tea we have an Acacia Wood Tea Box. Homewares are easy to come by at Everything But Flowers. 


People, who haven’t experienced parenthood, cannot understand the importance of a cosy home. A house is more than a place where a family meets. It is a place where love and compassion comes first, creating a hearth of respect, hope and energy. Family is the foundation where younger members learn about the importance of sharing, creating strong bonds, values and principles. Older members of the family help the younger ones to creat the perfect environment to explore the world. 

It is easy to understand the importance of a home. The existence of numerous people in such a confined space is a challenging venture. Each and every member of the house has special needs, character and taste. In addition, parents have to keep the balance between the different requests without exceptions. In that direction, we should let our most beloved ones express themselves, adding their personal touch of style. In that way, a house becomes a warm, welcoming home. Trust the power of home gifts and make your whole family happy.

Everyone knows what a gift is. However, home gifts are more than a simple gift. Home gifts are a wide category of products which serve multiple purposes. They can be used in order to decorate a plain home, solve day-to-day problems, entertain family members or even engage one or more family members to a recreational activity. Gifting creates special bonds between the sender and the receiver, so they are beloved gifting options. Bring the people you love closer with a fantastic gift from

Undeniably, home is the place where the whole family unwinds, keeping the anxiety of a tough day away. The relaxing atmosphere, a glass of wine and the company of family members is more than enough to forget your worries. GiftsAustralia has a wide variety of gifts, ensuring that we have something special for everyone. Our gift baskets are a fantastic way to express your thanks, or simply spoil yourself. Our wide variety of candles will surely become your most beloved table decoration. In addition, scented candles are the perfect way to create a romantic atmosphere for your significant other. Make good use of the alluring scents and the romantic candle flames and live the night of your dreams. 

Creating a welcoming atmosphere for every family member is tough, since taste is subjective. In general, older people love more conservative options. There is no reason to feel anxious, since there are options that make both parents and offspring happy. For parents who want to play it safe, table lamps are fantastic and can be a retro decorating option. In case you have chosen one of our scented candles, it is wise to accompany them with a candle holder. In that way, you keep away candle wax spots, while you add a nice decoration on your table. Last but not least, frames are ideal in order to capture the happy moments of the past.

In contrast, younger individuals love inspiring, innovative decorating items. Here at GiftsAustralia, we see things from a different perspective. For example, a door stop is a daily used item for keeping a door open. What would you think if a door stop becomes part of your room’s decoration? In addition, beautiful cushions with wonderful prints and messages will surely receive your friends’ positive remarks. As a last note, pieces of art such as clocks and wall art add value to a teen room, highlighting your exquisite taste. 

The mother figure is the fundamental of every household, isn’t it? Generally speaking, household activities like cooking are responsibilities of the female members of a home. All mothers love to pamper their children, baking cookies and cakes.  In case you want to give a home gift to a female member of your family and you are unsure about your choice, don’t panic. GiftsAustralia is experienced in finding a perfect gift for every occasion. For this reason, we have a wide range of products which solve all your daily kitchen problems. 

Cookwares are tools of major importance, since food preparations rely on their existence. In our online store you are able to find multiple tools such as dumpling maker sets, crepe and pancake sets, waffle makers and a brie baker with spreader. People who love cooking are aware of the fact that tasteful food is not enough. Presentation is as important as the taste of a dish, while in some cases presentation is more important. For this reason, we give you the chance to accompany your tasteful dishes with extraordinaire presentation. Multiple dishes, serving dishes, placemats and tasting sets guarantee a fantastic result for both the eye and the palate.

GiftsAustralia is a major help for every individual who considers home gifts. We searched thoroughly for novel, yet useful gifts. Our unique home gift picks never fail to impress and delight your beloved ones. From the trend spotting decorator to the effortless decorator, we have a perfect gift option in order to surprise the receiver.  Gift wrapping is an important part of giving gifts, so GiftsAustralia offers professional gift wrapping in multiple colours including chocolate brown, baby blue, royal purple, cream and canary yellow. Choose your own before checking out, or directly from the product page.

We believe that giving a gift should breathe an air of personalisation. A gift itself is definitely a proof of love, affection and care. However, a gift card is a fantastic addition in order to express your inner feelings. If you are going to offer a home gift to a special person in your life, a full sized card is the perfect accompaniment. As a reputable company, we have a deep respect for our customers’ needs and we understand how frustrating is to pay for delivery costs. So orders over AU $99, we cover all delivery costs on your behalf. GiftsAustralia, the e-shop where the gifting dreams come true!