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Sometimes a home can pick up a few unsavoury smells. So we, here at Everything But Flowers, have a selection of Home Fragrance Gifts. Always an intoxicating scent is the Ginger Lily Diffuser. Our most popular Home Fragrance is the Aromaboutique Tuberose & Berries Candle. Finally, the classic Vanilla Creme Diffuser can really spice up a home. When it comes to Home Fragrance, Everything But Flowers will meet your needs.

Home Fragrance

A fragrant home is always a good place to go home to. It’s a place where friends and family love to visit; a beautiful smelling home is a home with a lovely character and a welcoming atmosphere. This is why home fragrance is such an important aspect of a wonderful home. Candles and diffusers are great homeware presents because they are great items that add a fragrant smell to your interior. Candles can be enjoyed during a romantic candlelit dinner, when enjoying a bubble bath, or even when you just want to relax your mind and your eyes.

Another reason why candles are great homeware presents is because scented candles have aromatherapy properties that help in the relaxation and in the refocusing of the mind. Scented candles are also good in relieving one of stress and even awakening senses.

Candles as Home Fragrance

Candles come in a variety of shapes and designs. They are great homeware presents that can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any home. Candles are the bestselling presents you can give to a woman because they are able to transform any room into a space of relaxation and serenity. Scented candles can also easily transform any room into a romantic space for you and your partner.

Diffusers as Homeware Presents

Diffusers are a modern type of home fragrance. Many prefer diffusers better than the traditional candle because diffusers are non-flammable. Consist of reed sticks and an oil and alcohol solution that diffuses home fragrance, diffusers are also great homeware presents because they are able to easily bring constant fragrance throughout the day. They are also perfect during the summer because although they require no heat, warm weather helps increase the intensity of the fragrance in the home.

Reed sticks and oil diffusers are the most common type of diffusers, but there are also other options available. The nebulising diffuser is great for anti-viral or anti-bacterial oils; the cool mist type is perfect for kids; the aroma stone is a silent and safe type; aroma lamps are the perfect choice if you want to enhance the mood and ambiance of your home; and the cool fans are for a multi-purpose diffuser.

Selection of Candles and Home Diffusers to Choose From

Transform your home into a garden of vanilla beans, strawberry, mangoes, lilies, and pineapple with the Fruity Floral Gilded Candle or perhaps enjoy the scent of tea with the Wedgwood Cornucopia Earl Grey Candle for a soft and subtle fragrance in your home. For diffuser options, you can check out the Milieu brand with a scent of Velvet Rose & Peony or the Vanilla Wild Peach scent.

The above mentioned candles and diffusers are all available here at Everything But Flowers. We offer the most inspired gift option ideas for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for homeware presents, gifts for kids, gifts for him and her, or even novelty items just for fun, we’ve got it all for you. Check out our collection now and see for yourself why Everything But Flowers is one of the best online gift shops in Australia.