Louenhide Dusty Pink Stripe Clutch

Cheeky Pink Clutch with Wrist Loop

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The Louenhide Dusty Pink Stripe Clutch is fresh and radiant! For a woman on the go, this clutch is absolutely the best. Not only can it hold everything she needs, it also adds a streak of pink colour to any outfit. So she can be stylish no matter what she’s doing, who she’s meeting, or where’s she going.

For a cute finishing touch, the interior of the purse is lined with a high quality cotton.

Explore Everything But Flowers today to find the perfect fashion gifts for Mother’s Day, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day. The Louenhide Dusty Pink Stripe Clutch, for example, is as fashionable and stylish as accessories come!

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Searching Our Christmas Presents for Women Collection for the Perfect Gift? Discover the Designer Handbags at Everything but Flowers!

You can browse several Christmas presents for women collections for hours, but you will not find much better than a designer handbag from Everything but Flowers. No matter what type of woman you are buying for, a luxurious handbag from the Christmas presents for women collection is always appreciated. Curious which designer handbags we have in our Christmas presents for women collection this year? Find out in our summary below!

Which Handbag Would You Recommend for Teens and Young Adults?

Bolder colours tend to do well amongst teens and young adults, which is one of the reasons why we recommend the Louenhide Spearmint Billie Clutch from the Christmas presents for women collection. The Louenhide Spearmint Billie Clutch is an ideal accessory for a night on the town, but is also a good option for formal occasions.

With its bold spearmint colour, this Louenhide clutch stands out from most classic clutch releases out there. It combines boldness with luxury perfectly, considering the colour and the gold hardware that comes with this designer clutch. In conclusion, the perfect fashionable choice for a young woman or teen.

Does Everything but Flower Offer Personalised Handbags?

Luxurious handbags that can be personalised are hard to find, but not at Everything but Flowers! Our Black Leather Tote Bag is a prime example, because this handbag features a classic, luxurious design and can still be personalised with the monogram of your recipient.

Our personalised Black Leather Tote Bag & Monogram is perfect for women who like to surround themselves with luxurious things. It is also a good handbag for women who only want quality, because this designer handbag simply exudes style and durability thanks to the use of premium leather. The monogram is applied with superior gold lettering too, which certainly adds a lot of sophistication to the overall design of the handbag.

Which Handbags Would You Recommend for Spring and Summer?

Do you want to gift a handbag for spring and summer? If so, then we recommend one of the lighter coloured handbags in our collection. One such a handbag is the Louenhide White Emily Bag, which matches any spring or summer outfit perfectly. The Louenhide Stone White Emily Bag could be described as subtle and elegant. It has a design of white and stone stripes, which certainly give a summer feel to it.

Of course, Louenhide handbags are always made with the finest materials, so customers can also count on superior quality when they choose the Louenhide Stone White Emily Bag. The Louenhide Stone White Emily Bag is made with a fashionable cotton-lined purse, leather straps and superior gold hardware; this means that your recipient will get years of use from this handbag if she keeps it maintained.

Since the straps on this handbag are adjustable as well, we can recommend the Louenhide Stone White Emily Handbag for almost every woman. No matter if your recipient likes shorter or longer straps, with the adjustable straps feature you can be sure you have chosen right!

Can You Recommend a Formal Clutch for My Recipient?

Is your recipient someone who regularly attends formal occasions, and therefore needs a clutch that matches most of her formal dresses? If so, we can recommend the Louenhide Champagne Billie Clutch.

The Louenhide Champagne Billie Clutch can complement any formal attire, but remains functional thanks to the clever design Louenhide has used. The overall design is dominated by a cream colour, which slightly reflects light and subsequently appears extremely luxurious and expensive.

Despite its formal qualities and luxurious looks, the Louenhide designer clutch stays remarkably affordable. So, if you need some accessories for a woman who has a lot already, but you are on a budget, you cannot go wrong with the Louenhide Champagne Billie Clutch.

As you may have noticed from our overview, customers can choose different colours for this clutch. If champagne is not the favourite colour of your recipient, then you can find this Louenhide clutch in other colours at Everything but Flowers too.

Does your recipient need a handbag and not a clutch? Do you like the design of the Louenhide Champagne Billie Clutch? In this case, we can recommend the Louenhide Champagne Casper Bag. The Louenhide Champagne Casper Bag has a design like the Louenhide Champagne Billie Clutch, so this will be the perfect option for you.

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Do you have a question about our designer handbags? Feel free to contact Everything but Flowers and speak to one of our experts about the designer handbag you wish to purchase!