Pink Champagne Saki Bag & Purse Set

Radiant Pink Champagne Bag & Purse

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The Louenhide Pink Champagne Saki Bag is like the finest glass of champagne! This handbag also features a sumptuous and luminous pink tone that’s creamy and light. Two handles with gold accents that complement this soft pink hue.

This gorgeous handbag includes a matching purse. The small internal bag comes with a removable handle. The dazzling purse also comes with a extension strap.

Spoil a fashion-loving mum or girlfriend with this luxurious Louenhide Pink Champagne Saki Bag & Purse Set. With such a lovely fashion accessory, she’ll soon become the talk of the town!

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The Designer Handbags & Clutches at Everything but Flowers

Whether you need a Christmas present or birthday presents, a good designer handbag or clutch is always appreciated by the modern woman. Fortunately, customers can find several designer handbags and clutches in our range of Christmas presents and birthday presents for women, so there is always an excellent gift option to take advantage of.

Not sure which designer handbag you should obtain from our Christmas presents or birthday presents for women range? No need to despair, because below you can find a complete overview of the most popular designer bags!

Louenhide Pink Champagne Bermuda Bag

One of the best designer handbags for the holiday season is the Louenhide Pink Champagne Bermuda Bag from our Christmas presents for women range. This bag from our Christmas presents for women range has a festive design, combining champagne and rose colours to deliver the ultimate handbag for the holidays.

During the holidays, it is common to drag lots of presents for friends and family around. Fortunately, this designer handbag from Louenhide has an incredible capacity, so you can easily store some presents inside this handbag, without having to drag around any additional gift bags.

The Louenhide Pink Champagne Bermuda Bag can take a considerable amount of weight as well. Not only is this bag made from a durable material, it also has rich brown handles to accommodate extra weight. The bag also comes with a matching cosmetics bag, which also has a removable handle for easier carrying.

Louenhide Peppermint Mickey Bag

The Louenhide Peppermint Mickey Bag is our favourite designer bag from the birthday presents for women range. This bag comes with a geometric design, strong brown handles and a peppermint colour that makes this handbag suitable for casual and formal occasions.

A Louenhide Peppermint Mickey Bag from our range of birthday presents for women also comes with quite some capacity, so you can easily store some cosmetics, phone, wallet, mp3 player, iPod or anything else you like to carry around with you on an average day.

Still, one of the biggest benefits of this peppermint bag is the fact it can be used during all seasons. The peppermint colour and geometric design is refreshing enough for spring and summer, but also festive enough for the holiday season. Therefore, this handbag should be in the collection of every fashion-conscious woman.

Louenhide Stone White Emily Bag

Sometimes there is nothing better than a designer handbag with a timeless design. The Louenhide Stone White Emily Bag is such a bag, featuring stone and white stripes, and beautiful gold hardware that make this bag irresistible.

The Louenhide Stone White Emily Bag also features two adjustable straps, so women can adjust their handbag according to their own personal preferences. The interior of the bag also has useful pockets, so women can easily store their phone, iPod or mp3 player for easy access when they are on the go.

Louenhide Champagne Billie Clutch

For a formal occasion, every woman needs a reliable clutch that will complement her outfit. Even though we have many of these clutches in our range, one clutch we can certainly put forward at this point is the Louenhide Champagne Billie Clutch, a radiant and reflective clutch that matches almost every formal outfit.

By using the Louenhide Champagne Billie Clutch as an accessory, you immediately add a lot more elegance and sophistication to your outfit. The clutch features a beautiful champagne colour that matches formal occasions, but also reflects slightly to give off a formal vibe. In conclusion, this clutch should be in your collection if you want an accessory that is easy to combine with most of your formal attire.

Louenhide Coral Baby Chicago Bag

Adding a bit of colour to your attire is not a bad idea, especially if you are tired of all the black handbags in your collection. Fortunately, there is a great option in our collection of clutches and handbags for you – the Louenhide Coral Baby Chicago Bag.

The Louenhide Coral Baby Chicago Bag works with casual and formal attire, so getting this handbag will always be a smart investment. The bag also includes a smaller purse, removable extension straps and light gold hardware. Of course, both bag and purse carry the Louenhide stamp, so you know that you have a genuine designer handbag in your collection.

Louenhide Silver Bermuda Bag

If you loved the Louenhide Bermuda Bag we mentioned earlier, but are not that fond of pink champagne colours, you can always choose the Louenhide Silver Bermuda Bag instead. This designer bag provides the same features and benefits of the pink champagne variant, but comes in a beautiful silver colour that is perfect for the festive season.

Louenhide Champagne Casper Bag

Women who do not like bulky handbags, but still want a bit more capacity than the average clutch can offer, may want to consider the Louenhide Champagne Casper Bag. The Louenhide Champagne Casper Bag can accompany both formal and casual outfits. It has an elegant shimmering design, which also comes with adjustable straps for more convenience. The handbag also has interior lining made from black and white fabric, which ensures that all your stored items remain safe.

More Designer Bags at Everything but Flowers

If you have not found the perfect designer handbag for a special woman in your life, there is no need to panic. In our main range of handbags & clutches, customers can find many other designer bags from the Louenhide brand. Some of the handbags we already described are also available in different colours at Everything but Flowers, so if you liked the design of a handbag, but not the colour, you may still find the perfect designer handbag in our range.

Not sure which designer handbag is right for your wife, girlfriend, fiancé or partner? Why not let them decide and gift them one of our valuable gift vouchers? With one of the Everything but Flowers gift vouchers, your recipient can pick out her designer handbag herself, or choose one of the other presents available on our website. So, if you are unsure about what gift to buy, head over to our vouchers range now to pick the perfect amount for the special woman in your life.