A good accessory can really pull an outfit together. With this in mind Everything But Flowers has a great selection of Handbags & Clutches. The Winola Handbag in Black is one of our most popular items, while the Olga Berg Zig Zag Tote in Red really makes a fashion statement. When you need some extra room pick up the Cadelle Camille Satchel in Black. When it comes to Handbags & Clutches, Everything But Flowers can help.

Problems Finding a Gift in Our Gifts for Women Category? Choose One Of Our Handbags!

Shopping for a woman is easier than you think because there are a few things a women cannot live without. One of these things can be found in our gifts for women category, more specifically our collection of handbags. Every woman needs a good handbag, no matter what their style is. Need some good ideas before you make a purchase from our gifts for women category? Read on and discover some handbags suitable for your recipient.

What Handbag Should I Pick?

Our gifts for women category has a good amount of handbags, so there will definitely be something suitable in our gifts for women collection. However, a lot of choice can make your decision a little harder. Still, by taking into account our tips you will find the perfect handbag quite easily.

Most women select their handbag according to their lifestyle. Some women tend to take a lot with them when they go out, for example makeup. These women often need a bigger handbag, preferably with extra compartments for their phone and makeup items. The best handbag for these women tends to be the bucket bag, which has the most room. 

There are also women who only take their phone and wallet when they go out, so a bucket bag will be way too large. If the recipient you have in mind only carries essentials around, you should choose a compact clutch bag.

The size of the handbag is not the only thing that is important though, because the style and colour are also of importance. When it comes down to handbags, black is usually a safe choice. However, if you are buying a handbag for someone that dresses colourfully, you could choose one of our more colourful designs. 

Can I Obtain Vouchers To Purchase A Handbag?

If you do not really know what handbag to go for, you can always buy one of our vouchers. With voucher amounts varying from $50 to $500, you will find something for every type of budget. If you choose one of our more expensive vouchers, the recipient can get a handbag and other great items from the Everything but Flowers website!

Customers who have bought a handbag from Everything but Flowers can also take advantage of our premium wrapping service. Customers can choose wrapping in various colours, including baby blue, brown, red, cream, canary yellow and royal purple. Each gift also comes with a standard gift tag, but this can always be upgraded to a full sized gift card.

Can I Call Up For Some Handbag Advice?

Do you have a question about our handbags or another product from our gifts for women range? Do not hesitate to call the Everything but Flowers team on 1300-459-452. Customers can also reach us by filling in our enquiry form on the contact us page or by sending an email to sales@everythingbutflowers.com.au. 

The Everything but Flowers team aims to respond to all questions as soon as possible, this is usually within one business day. However, we do ask our customers to take into account some delays that may occur during the holiday period.