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Everyone knows that unicorns are magical. This Giant Unicorn Eraser proves it. Make a mistake on an important report? Did your pencil stray during an art project? This eraser will make it seem as if the error never happened. The unicorn measures a whopping 14 x13x4.5cm, so make as many mistakes as you like!

The Giant Unicorn Eraser is a fantastic novelty gift for kids, teenagers, and kids-at-heart. The eraser is suitable for use by kids 5+ years of age. Before you checkout, shop Everything But Flowers for other fun gifts for kids and novelty presents.

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Giant Unicorn Eraser

Every time that a new school year starts, children tend to get so excited because they are going to shop for new school supplies once again. They will be looking forward to show off the new stuff they got from the bookstore to their classmates at school. The normal school supplies shopping checklist will include notebooks, bags, pencils, pens, crayons and erasers. However, a lot of parents do not take note of the quality of all the school supplies that they buy, especially the erasers. Little do they know that they should invest in a high quality eraser.

Why is that the case, you may ask? A child will easily get frustrated if he needs to make a correction in his schoolwork only to find out that the eraser of his pencil has already run out. The best remedy for this is to give presents for kids that will help them in their schoolwork such as the Giant Unicorn Eraser, available at Everything But Flowers!

What is the Giant Unicorn Eraser?

The Giant Unicorn Eraser was especially made for kids aged 5 years and up who have greatly adored the magical creature. Just like the Unicorn, it also magically erases any mistake a child will do on his school report, homework, or notebook so well as if the mistake never happened. If in the past they will be in pain trying to erase something with the end of their pencil, now that they have the Giant Unicorn Eraser, deleting a huge bulk of mistakes will never become a problem again!

The unicorn has an incredible size of 14cm in length, 13cm in width, and 4.5cm in height. They can now make as many mistakes as they want. They can even share this eraser to their classmates if they want to! The material used to produce the eraser is guaranteed to be non-irritable and non-toxic. The safety of your child is well-secured as they continue to learn in school.

Why Do Kids Love Unicorns So Much?

Unicorns remain to be one of the magical creatures in storybooks and fairy tales that children can easily connect with. It is as if children can understand the message that the unicorn is trying to convey through their whimsical eyes and their luxurious tail. They make the children feel that life is an exciting adventure and that anything is possible as long as their minds can imagine it.

What is the Significance of Giving the Giant Unicorn Eraser as Presents for Kids?

People may think that giving the Giant Unicorn Eraser as presents for kids may make the recipient feel that we didn’t put much thought in the gift. Actually, it is the complete opposite. There is so much significance in giving the eraser as presents for kids. It is packed with lots of life lessons that children need to learn even if they are still young. The important lessons we need to remember are as follows:

The Giant Unicorn Eraser tells us that it is okay to make mistakes because they can always be corrected. A lot of children are scared in doing something wrong thinking that their parents or teachers will scold them. They should realise that committing mistakes is a great venue for learning. They should welcome mistakes as much as they would welcome triumphs in their lives. If you do not succeed for the first time, simply erase the mistake and try again. It is highly likely that your second and third attempt will produce better results than the first.
The Giant Unicorn Eraser gives us the capability to adjust. Our best efforts in life usually need adjustments. We may make plans for our lives, but the world is continuously turning and so the chances are high that things or circumstances will change. You can simply adjust your plan to adapt to these changes. Grab that eraser and rewrite your plans that you have for your life.
The Giant Unicorn Eraser, with its adorable design and huge smile moulded in the magical creature’s face, reminds us that we should face the world with happiness, while wearing a huge smile on our face. Most of the time we would think that the whole world is pressuring us to do something great. We don’t need to force it. We should just enjoy the opportunities given to us and trust that everything will work out fine in the end.
 The Giant Unicorn Eraser teaches us that erasing the past means we should never look back and focus on what is ahead of us. The Giant Unicorn Eraser is able to erase mistakes so well that it is as if the mistake never happened, and you can move on to your next step without any hesitation.

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It is that time of the year again, a new school year is about to start! If you want to help some of the parents you know cross off the items in their kid’s school supplies shopping list, why don’t you give presents for kids like the Giant Unicorn Eraser? The kids who will receive it will definitely be delighted to have one of their most loved magical creatures accompany them as they go to school every day.

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