GoldieBlox & The Dunk Tank Building Game

A fun way to teach kids engineering principles!

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In this fantastic story and game combination, inquisitive kids will learn all about hinges and levers, while helping GoldieBlox build a dunk tank, in order to get her reluctant dog, Nacho, into the water for a bath!

The set comes with a story book, which doubles as fun interactive instructions, along with a whopping 60 pieces, including axles, wheels, spacers, and design templates. Clever children of four years and over will have everything they need to build the dunking contraption, during which they’ll learn about building and engineering principles, such as hinges and levers!

The GoldieBlox series has won multiple awards, and is recognised as a great way for encouraging kids, including girls, to develop their engineering and problem-solving skills. There are two fantastic GoldieBlox sets available at Everything But Flowers, along with a range of other educational home science toy kits! Custom wrapping available.

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