BFF Cord Bracelets Kit

Complete Kit for 6 Colourful Gifts

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Just a few hours of creative concentration and the result will be 6 gorgeous friendship bracelets ready to hand out to special friends. This is a precious gift for girls who treasure the value of friendship and love to create handmade gifts for the special friends in their life.

It seems that every generation of children re-discovers the joy of friendship bracelets, and this cute kit contains everything that's needed to create 6, bright cord friendship bracelets for their BFFs. With 24 strands of cord, special foam weaving wheel and easy instructions; theyll delight as they watch each bracelet form.

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Gifts For Girls Inspiring Best Friends Forever?

Your daughter most likely has a best friend, someone with whom shes attached at the hip. Even if these friendships dont last until adulthood, these wonderful relationships are meaningful and an important part of childhood. To encourage, support, and celebrate your daughters friendship with her best friend, why not give sweet and fun gifts for girls who are best friends forever? The Cord Bracelets BFF Creative Set is the perfect gift for her to create something special for her friends.

Gifts for Girls Ready to do Some Crafts?

Some great gifts for girls include crafts and activities. Best friends often enjoy sitting down together and creating special gifts for each other. Friendship bracelets are a classic example of this, so consider getting them a friendship bracelet kit. When theyre done making adorable jewellery, they can then exchange the bracelets.

Colouring books also make fantastic sleepover gifts for girls. Over the past few years, colouring books have been recognized as a worthy activity for people of all ages. This is evident by the availability of colouring books that vary in difficulty. So no matter what age your daughter and her best friend, you can find a colouring book or two that will be just perfect.

After theyve done some arts and crafts, move the party to the kitchen to make some sweet treats with the two best friends. For younger girls, cookbooks for children make great gifts for girls. Cooking and baking are fun ways to spend the afternoon, allowing the best friends to enjoy each others company while learning a new skill.

Why not make a day of it?

Though your daughter and her best friend may already spend every possible moment together, why not take them out for a day of fun and pampering? You could also spend a fun day of activities at home. Not only will this be fun for them, but can be quite fun for you as well!

Start the day by baking cookies or a cake together. Eat a little for a snack, then leave the rest to be enjoyed during the day of festivities. You could go out for a day at the beach, a picnic, or maybe out to the salon. Or bring the salon to your home! With a few great girls gifts, you can easily set up a small boutique in your bathroom or kitchen. Let the girls do their hair and decorate their nails with nail art. If youre brave, let them do your hair and nails.

And instead of going to the movies, bring the cinema to your daughters room with a nifty smart-phone projector. Her and her best friend will be able to watch their favourite movies without ever leaving the house. Their next sleepover will be epic!

Its time to celebrate!

Friendship is a beautiful thing. It should be celebrated. To help them celebrate their relationship, surprise your daughter and her best friend with a few gifts for girls that they can enjoy together.