GoldieBlox & The Spinning Machine Building Game

The multi-award winning engineering game for kids

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GoldieBlox is a young girl full of curiosity and armed with a love of construction and engineering. She is the star of a range of story books and toys, which challenge inquisitive young minds to solve problems while learning about various engineering principle.

The Spinning Machine is the multiple-award winning first story in the series, in which Goldie wants to put together a contraption that helps her pet dog and its friends chase their tails! The set includes a story book, along with a pegboard and 27 instruments, from which kids (4 years and older) will be challenged to build a belt drive spinning machine for the five animal figures.

GoldieBlox toys are loads of fun for kids to build, and they’ll adore reading the book and playing with the finished machine over and over again, after they have conquered the challenge.

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