Paper Doll: A Day in Paris

Includes Electrostatic Clothing and Accessories

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What could be more romantic than becoming a Parisian pastry chef or a Parisian artist? For little girls with big dreams, Paper Doll A Day in Paris is the perfect toy. With this amazing set, she can explore the stunning streets of Paris while exercising her creativity. This great set includes a baker doll, an artist doll, a two-sided scene board, and two sheets of reusable electrostatic clothing and accessories.

Paper Doll A Day in Paris is recommended for kids 5 years old and older. Doll Dimensions: 19.5cm High. Scenery Board Dimensions: 51 x 25.5cm. Box Dimensions: 26 x 26cm.

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Why Should I Choose Paper Doll: A Day in Paris Available in the Presents for Kids Catalogue?

Paper Doll: A Day in Paris from our presents for kids catalogue is the perfect gift for creative and ambitious little girls. It is a toy set containing 2 paper dolls, but also two sheets of reusable vinyl clothing!

The Paper Doll: A Day in Paris is specifically made for little girls aged 5 years and older. Each doll measures a large 19.5 centimetres, but the set also contains a scenery board measuring 51 centimetres by 25.5 centimetres. So, this toy set contains a lot of things that will keep a girl entertained for many hours.

Why Should I Choose the Mouse Skipping Rope Available at Everything but Flowers?

There is no reason why you should settle for a normal skipping rope for a little girl, because the Mouse Skipping Rope is a lot more fun!

The Mouse Skipping Rope has a red cord that measures a lengthy 240 centimetres. It also has wooden handles, which have been adorned with lovely mouse motifs and a beautiful pink colour. So, this is certainly a skipping rope a little girl will treasure.

Why Should I Choose the Fabulous Friend Machine from Everything but Flowers?

Parents who want to teach their children some valuable lessons about the internet and social media should certainly acquire the Fabulous Friend Machine book as a gift. The book features a cautionary tale about the internet and social media, but does it by telling the story of Popcorn the chicken.

During one of her adventures on the farm, Popcorn discovers a magical device that lets her make friends faster than ever. However, she soon discovers that the friends she made may not be friends at all! In conclusion, this is a book that every little girl should have in her collection, ideally before they encounter the online world.

Why Should I Choose the Elephant Wooden Pull Along Toy Available at Everything but Flowers?

Everything but Flowers also offers some vintage toys for little girls. One of these vintage toys is the Elephant Pull Along Toy, which is perfect to help children develop their motor skills.

The Elephant Pull Along Toy measures 15 cm x 18 cm, and includes a string with a length of 24 cm. The toy is designed for toddlers aged 12+ months. So, if you want to make sure your little girl stays active during her early years, this vintage toy should undoubtedly be on the shortlist.

Why Should I Choose the Sophie the Giraffe Signature Kids Sunglasses at Everything but Flowers?

Even little girls love fashion, so a pair of Sophie the Giraffe Signature Kids Sunglasses should go down well! The sunglasses meet the Australian standards and provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. Naturally, these sunglasses are also extremely stylish, which means they are the perfect gift for busy kids in the summer.

Why Should I Choose Tiger Tribe Rainbow Hill Musical Jewellery Box Available at Everything but Flowers?

Some gifts we receive as a child, we treasure forever. One such a gift is a musical jewellery box, which we often keep for the rest of our lives. If you want to give a little girl such a present, we recommend the Tiger Tribe Rainbow Hills Musical Jewellery Box.

The Tiger Tribe Rainbow Hills Musical Jewellery Box plays a lovely little tune when it is opened, and it provides a safe place for children to store their valuable jewellery. The adorned music box is specifically designed for little girls aged 3 and older, which means many children could be enjoying this wonderful gift.

Our Rainbow Hills Musical Jewellery Box is also made by one of the world’s most eco-friendly toy companies – Tiger Tribe. Even though there are other toys from Tiger Tribe in our range, the Rainbow Hills Musical Jewellery Box is an exquisite choice for little girls!

Where Can I Find More Presents for Little Girls at Everything but Flowers?

No matter what kind of present you need for a little girl, you can surely find it at Everything but Flowers. Our collection contains anything from gift sets and hampers to toys and dolls. Check out our full catalogue to discover the ultimate present for your young recipient.

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