Ada Twist, Scientist Hardcover Book

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Ada may not have spoken until she was three, but it’s only because she was too busy observing this, that, and everything. Ada Twist, Scientist tells the story of clever little Ada as she tries to find the origin of a most terrible stink. With a nose for science and a curious mind, there’s no stopping this amazing young lady!

By illustrator David Roberts and author Andrea Beaty. 32 pages. Hardback Dimensions: 22.9 x 27.9cm.

Ada Twist, Scientist shows little girls that they can be whatever they want to be. All they need is curiosity and perseverance. This book is ideal for girls 3-6 years old. Same day shipping to Sydney is available when you order by 1PM (AEST).

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Ada Twist, Scientist Hardcover Book

Ada Twist, Scientist is a fun story and an excellent gift option from our birthday presents for girls range. It tells the story of Ada, a smart girl with a passion for science. During the story, she tries to find the source of a most terrible stink. Therefore, this story from our birthday presents for girls range teaches girls that science can be quite cool!

The Ada Twist, Scientist Hardcover Book was written by author Andrea Beaty. It was also illustrated beautifully by David Roberts, ensuring that girls get a vivid representation of the story while reading. The book counts a total of 32 pages, so it is an ideal read for girls between the age of three and six.

The Fabulous Friend Machine

The Fabulous Friend Machine from our birthday presents for girls collection is an excellent option for parents who want to warn their little girl about the dangers of the internet and social media. Tackling such a heavy subject can be difficult for parents, but The Fabulous Friend Machine makes it a little easier.

Fabulous Friend Machine from our kids presents range tells the story of a chicken called Popcorn. Popcorn is the friendliest chicken on the farm and she soon finds a friend machine she can use to make even more friends! Unfortunately, she soon discovers that not all friends on the friend machine are really her friends at all.

The Fabulous Friend Machine is an excellent way to teach children about the internet, but it teaches them in their own world. Therefore, this book is a recommendation for every parent out there!

World of Peter Rabbit: The Complete Collection of Tales 1-23

For young children, there is no better present than a Peter Rabbit storybook. Fortunately, there are many Peter Rabbit storybooks in our kids presents range, so parents and family members will have much to choose from.

There is one Peter Rabbit gift set in our collection of kids presents we need to mention here – the World of Peter Rabbit: The Complete Collection of Tales 1-23. This collection of books contains an amazing 23 storybooks from the Peter Rabbit franchise, and is therefore a true recommendation for any child. Of course, the stories of Peter Rabbit are timeless, so this gift from our collection of kids presents could be passed on to the next generation in some years too.

Two Hands to Love You

There are more fun books for babies and toddlers in our collection of kids presents; this includes Two Hands to Love You, which tells the story about a new baby about to arrive. This could be a great present for a toddler who is about to have another little brother or sister. The book also makes a fantastic bedtime story.

Two Hands to Love You is written by Diane Adams and illustrated by Paige Keiser. The entire book is also written in rhyme form, which makes it a lovely story to listen to for the child, but also quite the interesting read for parents.

Roald Dahl Treasury Hardcover Book

Everyone knows that Roald Dahl story are timeless, so Roald Dahl Treasury is certainly a book that will stand the test of time. The book contains numerous stories, poems and letters that will be appreciated by any Roald Dahl fan. So, if a child already has numerous books of Roald Dahl in their collection, Roald Dahl Treasury is a must.

The Roald Dahl Treasury book does not only contain stories, poems and letters though, because the book has been illustrated beautifully by several illustrators; this includes Raymond Biggs, Babette Cole and Quentin Blake. It is a book with 448 pages of fun and enjoyment, suitable for children between 7 and 12. However, even adults who still collect Roald Dahl books may appreciate Roald Dahl Treasury as a gift.

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